Boring day!

Not much happened today. Work was boring. Dinner was boring. Big Brother was on, so that's a plus!

Super O is a wierd child! She has this new thing where she takes her sandals off in the car as soon as I pick her up from daycare. She then proceeds to check between the cracks in her toes for toe jam. Then she smells her feet, plugs her nose, waves her other hand in the air and says "Mama, shoowee!!". What's up with that? Are all children this gross? Where she gets this from I'll never know. This is my cute little blond baby! She's not a man!!

Anyway...nothing new to report on the school front. We're definitly shopping on Saturday morning for big girl panties. I'm preparing her by telling her what's gonna happen on Saturday. We're throwing the pull-ups in the garbage and going cold turkey with the panties. Wish us luck!!


  1. good luck with the potty training - if i know my O, she's gonna fight it all the way, but mommy has to be stronger & have more patience

    the toe jam thing - gotta nip it in the bud, it's definitly a man thing !!

    super grandma

  2. Hey Teresa,

    I am so glad to see that you are talking to her about the potty training thing. Don't give in, be strong. It is a pain the first few days, but if she is stubborn about it, she is going to eventually see you are serious because she is not going to like having wet panties on!

    Good luck, i know you can do it.

  3. Thanks Vivian...

    Since I don't have a live feed for my new reality show "Commando Potty Training", I'll be posting a daily update of the days events. By the end of the weekend, I hope to have the pull-ups evicted and the big girl panties will have won the big prize! I just hope Super O doesn't win the POV and throw all of my plans out the window.

    Sorry, couldn't help the BB reference :)