A little about Super O!!

This is me and Super O. My brother (uncle Brian) started calling her "O" about a year ago. When someone asks Olivia what her name is, she answers "O". She's 3 1/2 and doesn't talk much. I've heard everything from "she needs speech therapy" to "it's not uncommon for a kid her age to not talk, just leave her alone and she'll start when she's ready". It's not that she can't talk, I've caught her saying lots of things...she's just stubborn and doesn't want to talk. Because she doesn't talk, we use a lot of sign language with her. I think this has allowed her to become extremely expressive when she's trying to communicate a thought. I've never seen a kid her age with the facial expressions she has.

I know that my opinion is biased, because she's my baby, but complete strangers have told me how adorable she is. She's very opinionated and isn't afraid to let you know how she's feeling. There are times that I know I should nip her attitude in the bud, but she's just so darn cute... What's a mom to do? By the way...I am a single mom. O's dad decided he didn't want the responsibility, so he moved to Florida to let his new girlfriend support him. We're better off without him :)

So...that's the background of Super O. Check back often for her adventures. There's no telling what she's gonna do next!


  1. Olivia is adorable. Your comment was fine on the blog - I noticed you removed it. I had an issue with a person mimicking my own blog and advertising it there. Now that he's returned to school, he can probably understand why I don't update every moment.

    But your content is so different from my own, there's no issue if you post about it there. And, you're a part of the community there, too.

  2. Jackie -- Thanks! I wouldn't even dream of trying to copy what you do. I wouldn't have the time and I appreciate that you take your time to do that voodoo that you do!

  3. I saw your link on Jackie's blog. As a mom of a 3 1/2 year old girl too, I had to come check it out. No advice on the potty training though. We just conquered this one last month. I finally just took the pull-ups away and within 3 to 5 days, she was completely trained. It's a fun age (er, most days!)