Wow...Visitors already...

Thanks to those of you who visited my blog and left comments. I thought I would eventually have a few visitors, but I had no idea it would happen so quickly.

I'm going to try the dry undies or wet legs tactic this weekend. Unfortunately I have carpet in most of my apartment, so I'll have to be on top of Super O...but I CAN DO IT!!!

This is gonna be a short entry. I feel like crap today, actually left work at 11:00. Why is it that at 35yrs old the best place to be when you're sick is STILL at mommy's house? Thank goodness my mom isn't working right now. She let me come over and camp on her couch...she made me lunch and gave me medicine. Mom's ROCK!

Thanks again to my visitors!

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  1. you are very welcome - mom's still like to take care of their sick kids, even when they are grown

    I think Dr. Phil's advice about potty training is similar - put them in dry panties, or no panties & take them to the bathroom frequently - he says it only takes a weekend, but I don't think all kids are alike

    Super O's grandma (does that make me Super grandma ??)