The Meanest Mommy EVER!!

So...Super O has issues with her socks and shoes! She takes them off in the car almost every day on the way home. I have no idea how to break her of this! It's not like I can watch her every minute while I'm driving. I tell her to leave them on, but sure enough, she takes them off before we make it 5 miles down the road. It's not a big deal in the summer, but it's been like 50 degrees when I pick her up! Today the arguement finally came to a head...

As usual, Super O started to take her shoes off. I saw her doing it in the rear view mirror, so I told her not to. She decided to proceed anyway, so I told her that if she took them off she would have to walk from the garage to the house when we get home barefooted. Did I mention that it was like 50 degrees out? And it had been raining? We went a few more miles and sure enough, the socks and shoes are on the floorboard. So what do I do now? Do I stick to my guns and make her walk barefooted or do I give in and carry her? I figure this is my chance to stop the behavior before it's -20 degrees and she's still taking them off.

We pull into the garage, I gather our things, I take her out of the car and place her on the cold concrete garage floor. She immediately freaked out and wanted me to pick her up! I stuck to my guns and made her walk. We made it to the sidewalk with her crying the whole way. She decided she wasn't going to walk anymore and sat down with her arms crossed. That kid is soooo stubborn (gee, I wonder where she gets that...)! While this is happening the garage door for the upstairs apartment opens, the jerk upstairs pulls out, and Super O is waving at him like it's any other day. I'm holding my purse, my lunch bag, my backpack, a bottle of soda, and Super O's socks and shoes and Super O is sitting on the wet sidewalk with bare feet! Why do these things happen to us?? Anyway, I take my stuff in the house and go back to get my child. She thought I was going to carry her, but she was sorely mistaken. I took her by the hand and made her walk...on the cold wet sidewalk. We finally make it into the house and Super O runs to the back room crying. At this point, I feel like the worst mommy in the whole world!!

I went about my business...changed clothes, used the bathroom, etc. and waited for Super O to decide she wasn't mad anymore. When she finally came to me for comfort (why do kids do that? they're mad at us one minute and the next we're the only ones who can comfort them!) I cuddled her for a minute and explained why I did what I did. She promised to never take her socks and shoes off in the car again!

So, this is why I'm the meanest mommy ever! Was I wrong? It's not like I made her walk in the snow. And it wasn't raining. We'll see what happens tomorrow. If she takes those damn shoes and socks off I don't know what I'm gonna do!!



Slow day! We did have one interesting development. After dinner, Super O was drinking her milk out of her special coffee mug. She put the mug down and started touching the letters. I started watching her and all of a sudden, she was spelling her name! She was enunciating the letters perfectly. O-L-I-V-I-A. She's spelled her name before, but never without help!! She usually gives up because the second "I" confuses her.

We hugged and did the happy dance and called Nini (grandma) to tell her all about it! My baby is so smart!!


Is it Friday yet?

Nothing new to report. Super O has been really trying with the words! She's attempting at least two or three new ones every day! Today was ON, OFF, THERE, and HERE. One of the things the speech/language pathologist said was to repeat everything she says, even if she says it wrong. Repeat it wrong, then give her the correct word. Well, I was doing it and Super O got mad at me! She doesn't want to use that particular teaching technique!

I talked to Tee-Tee (that's Super O's teacher, Tristan) today. She agreed to help me with transportation to the language therapy after Super O has a few sessions! Did I mention how great her daycare is? There is no way she's leaving that school until they kick her out at 12 yrs old!

As for me...I cut my hair today!! And when I say cut, I mean CUT! When I sat in the chair and told the stylist what to do, she couldn't believe her ears. We ended up cutting 8"off! Can you believe that? I was thinking of taking the extra 2" so I could send the hair to Locks of Love , but I just couldn't! It was pretty damaged anyway, so I don't feel as bad. I figure I'll make a monetary donation soon to make up for it :)


There is hope...

We had our appointments at the audiologist and speech pathologist today. As suspected, Super O has perfectly normal hearing but the hearing test was absolutely painful for me as a mother. They sat her in a chair in a sound proof room and I had to sit behind her so that I couldn't cue her to the sounds. They put these little ear buds in her ears and started playing low/medium/high pitched sounds with matching visual aids on the left and right sides of her. She wanted nothing to do with this. She sat in the big chair looking down and wouldn't acknowledge that she was hearing any sounds. Next, a nurse came in to play a game with her. The nurse put pegs in her hands and she was supposed to put them into a board with holes. Super O started whimpering and looking around for me. The nurse and audiologist decided to skip the game and tried to go back to the sounds. Super O started crying really hard at this point. It absolutely broke my heart and I started crying too! I wanted to let my baby know that I was right behind her, but I couldn't. I didn't want to ruin the test. Finally, after she had cried really hard for about a minute or so, they let me pick her up and hold her on my lap. Once she knew I was there, she completed the test with no problems.

After the sound proof room, we went into another room where they tested the cells in her inner ear. They play music into each ear using earbuds. The only response they're looking for is how the ear sends the sound back to the computer. Of course, Super O passed this one with flying colors. Speaking of colors, the audiologist felt so bad for making her cry that she gave Super O a new Winnie the Pooh coloring book with crayons!! Super O forgave the audiologist and we were on our way to the speech pathologist!

Super O isn't good with strangers. Especially when that stranger is interested in her speech. I was so proud of my little girl!! She warmed up to the speech pathologist in about 10 minutes. This woman is good!! She played several games with Super O and asked me about a million questions. We went through the words she can say and tried to get her to say some of them. The pathologist was most interested in seeing what types of sounds she can make. There's one disorder that involves not being able to make the correct sounds and usually vowels are affected. Well, Super O was able to say all of the vowels before any other letters so we decided that wasn't it. She tested Super O on her mouth movements, the thinking being that maybe she physically can't make the sounds. Again, Super O made all the appropriate mouth movements. I was very surprised when Super O actually spelled her name for the nice lady.

Long story short, the initial diagnosis is Expressive Language Disorder or Specific Language Impairment. The treatment? Super O will see the speech pathologist every two weeks, starting next Friday. She will work with Super O during their sessions and in the meantime, she'll give me the tools to help her at home. These tools will be passed on to Super O's teachers and our family. Everyone has to be on board for this to work. I count myself lucky that nobody has to be talked into it. Everyone is willing to do what it takes to help this beautiful, smart, funny little girl!

I've learned a valuable lesson in this. Since Super O's dad left, I've had to do everything on my own and the stress has been getting to me. I wasn't appreciating the precious gift that is my daughter. I've been resenting her language delays. Now that I have a game plan and she's starting to improve on her own, I'm starting to feel less stress and I'm enjoying her more. I'm starting to see that she wants this to work. She wants to talk, she just doesn't know how. She needs me to be strong and help her through this. They say that "God only gives you what you can handle" and "everything happens for a reason". I'm starting to see the reason behind this. Nothing matters except Super O. Petty work crap doesn't matter. Having a lot of money doesn't matter. Even paying bills on time every single month doesn't matter. All that matters is that my baby is happy and healthy and she knows that she's loved!! She will talk one day, with help, and I'll be there to enjoy every word she says!


Meetings, Sickness and New Words...OH MY!!!

Wow!! It seems like ages since I posted!! Do I even remember how to do this??

First, let me update everyone on our meeting with the elementary school about Super O's speech. The cast of characters was...

  • Me
  • Super O's daycare director
  • Elem school principle (aka upstairs neighbor jerk guy)
  • Speech teacher
  • School psycologist
  • Early childhood teacher
  • Asst. Director of the county special education program
  • Some other lady from the special ed program

As you can see, I felt very outnumbered. When we walked in I said a little "Thank God I brought someone!!". The meeting started the way I thought. They offered speech/early childhood classes 3 times a week in the afternoon. How in the Hell am I supposed to get Super O to school 3 afternoons a week when I work 30 miles away and her daycare is halfway between work & home??? I was then given the opportunity to express my concerns. I basically told them that there was absolutely no way I could do that schedule. I'm not sure any of these people understand that I'm a single mother with absolutely no help from the "sperm donor" (he lives in FL and we haven't heard from him in 1 1/2 years). I HAVE to work full time if I plan on feeding and clothing Super O!! While I feel strongly about getting her help with her speech, I feel more strongly about making sure she eats and doesn't go naked!

Anyway, the Asst. Director of the special ed program came up with an awesome idea. Since there is no way we can move her to the school close to her daycare (some stupid law about open enrollment and a time window I missed), she offered the services of a sign language teacher for the daycare teachers. This teacher is in high demand all over our county (the largest in WI)!! She's gonna do an in-service class for the daycare to teach them sign language and give them resources for working with a child who has speech issues. The class will also benefit the infant/toddler teachers who've been trying to incorporate Baby Sign. In addition, the speech teacher at the "other" elem school is gonna volunteer some time at the daycare center. While she can't legally work with Super O, she can work with the whole class. This will also get Super O comfortable with her so that when she does go to that school next year (I'm getting the open enrollment paperwork soon...YEAH!!!), Super O will already know her and there won't be that "getting to know you" period. I am already impressed with this other school. They have done more for us in the last few weeks than our local school has done since last spring! So, things are looking up for Super O and Super Mom!!

That was monday morning. By 7pm I was sick as a dog with the stomach flu! We're talking fever, chills, aches, pains, trips to the bathroom...the whole 9 yards. Super Grandma handled the daycare transport for me on Tuesday and Super O stayed home with me on Wednesday. By Thursday, I was ready to go to work. I lasted until 12:30. I wasn't sick anymore, but the lack of food for 2 days was causing massive gas pains in the stomach area. I came home and ate Gas-X and soup...which did absolutely no good!!! We went to Josh's football game (they won...again) and when we came home I decided to throw caution to the wind and ate a mexican pizza. Would you believe it...the pizza made me feel better and I was like a new woman!!! I don't sugget getting the stomach bug anytime soon :)

So, I alluded to some new words in my post title. Well, Super O has decided that talking might be fun afterall!! She now says:

  • Big (said like Bic)
  • Blue (Bwoo)
  • Dan (don't ask, she knows someone named Dan)
  • Mine (very clearly)
  • Play (pay)
  • Her teacher Tristan is now "Tee Tee"
  • Duck (it comes out Duh, but we know what it is)
  • Beep Beep (yea, it's funny until she's beeping at me to move out of her way in a store!)

Wow, I didn't realize there were so many new words until I actually see them on paper (or screen). Most of these are new within the last week...others she's been working on for a bit. Hopefully she'll keep going and be saying full sentences by her birthday in December. It's just so cool for me to finally hear her little voice after waiting for so long!! It's like the most beautiful music in the world!!

Okay...I'll stop now. Sorry for being so long winded, but it's been a week ya know!! Now that I'm all better, I'll be sure to update more often. Until then...


She Had Her Cake and Ate It Too!!

Sorry I didn't post over the weekend. To be honest, there wasn't anything to post about. We went shopping on Saturday and bought some new clothes for Super O. We spent most of Sunday cleaning. It was pretty boring!!

Super O was watching Lazy Town the other day and the kids on the show were making a cake. Super O decided she wanted to make a cake too! When we went grocery shopping, I bought a yellow cake mix with chocolate frosting. We made the cake on Sunday afternoon. This consisted of Super O holding the mixer for about 30 seconds then eating the batter and frosting. I'd offer you all a piece, but she licked the spatula between each swipe on the cake :)

Anyway, here's a picture of her with frosting all over her face. We've never tried a cake before! Usually she opts for the brownies :)


It's Friday!!!

Yeah...it's Friday!! This was a long week!!

I don't really have much to report on Super O. We went to dinner with Nini (grandma) and Dave. Super O ate ketchup and sour cream. I think she ate some cheese out of her grilled cheese sandwich, but her dinner was mostly just the ketchup and sour cream.

I have an appointment at our local elementary school on Monday morning (for the background, see my post Let the battle begin...). Surprisingly, I'm not nervous at all! The director of Super O's daycare will be with me, so maybe that's why I'm not worried about it. Representing the "enemy" is the speech teacher, the school psycologist, the early childhood teacher and the principal (not sure if I've mentioned it, but the principal lives upstairs from us and the dude is a JERK!!). The county special ed dept is sending two representatives. I'm totally prepared to fight for my baby!! I have a list of what she can say and I'm making notes on what I want to say during the meeting. I'll post an update on Monday so everyone will know how the meeting went.

We have a big weekend planned...house cleaning and clothes shopping. Doesn't that sound like fun?? The weather is turning cold and Super O has grown out of all of her fall/winter clothes. Thank goodness for the Goodwill store.



Super O loves sports when her cousins are playing them!! Her cousin, Joshua (15), is playing JV Football this year. We were able to go to our first game today. It was the Stratford Tigers vs. the Rib Lake (something or other). I guess it doesn't really matter who the other team was, the only thing that matters is WE WON!!! The final score was 20-6!! GO TIGERS!!

I'm not sure how things are in other areas, but our JV team doesn't have cheerleaders. Jessica (8), Super O's other cousin, decided to be the cheerleader. Bless her heart, that kid tries!! She was getting cheers from the moms and some were really funny. One of her cheers has the crowd spelling L-E-T-S-G-O, you have to say it real fast...LETS-GO. Jessica could not get the letters out in the right order to save her life. At one point, we were all chanting LEGS-TO :)

There's one more cousin, Joe (11). He was at the game, but you know how 11yr old boys can be. We saw him for about 30 seconds, long enough for him to give his little cousin a hug. Then he was gone again. When did it become "uncool" to hang with the family?? Were we like that as kids too??

Let's see...other people of interest at the game were Uncle Curt, Aunt Stephanie, Kayla and Aunt Barb. Aunt Barb is Josh, Joe, & Jessica's mom (Uncle Brian, my brother, is working out of town and couldn't be with us). Aunt Stephanie is Aunt Barb's sister. Kayla is Aunt Steph's little girl. Kayla's a baby, she's only 1 (turned 1 in August). Super O likes to play with Kayla, but Kayla isn't sure how to play back. I'm sure in another year or so, they'll be the best of friends. Now, Uncle Curt...he's the coolest. He's not related to us in anyway (he's actually Aunt Barb's uncle), but Uncle Curt ROCKS in Super O's book. Since the first time she met him last summer, Super O has been in love with Uncle Curt. I just love seeing her with him because Uncle Curt is a BIG guy and Super O is a little girl. He's so gentle with her. It's like seeing Jack (from the beanstalk) with the giant :)

So, we have football until the end of October then BASKETBALL starts!!! We just love basketball. Josh and Joe both play. I think Jessica is starting this year too. Luckily for us, basketball season runs from November until about April. The school team goes until Dec or Jan, then tournament season starts. WE CAN'T WAIT!!!

Broken Computers and New Shoes

Sorry I haven't made an entry in a bit, my computer has been acting strange since Tuesday night. I ran a few utilities last night and I seem to be okay again, but one never knows with a computer.

Nothing much has happened since my last entry. Super O got new super hero shoes. She absolutely loves them because they have a zipper instead of ties. How cool is she!! She was wearing them last night with no pants...yup...t-shirt, pull-up, socks, new shoes. It was quite the fashion statement. She was running up and down the hallway testing how fast her new shoes make her run! Based on her tests, I think she'll be able to keep her super hero status with the new shoes.

Gotta go wake the little one up. It's time to get ready for our day!


A Word from Super O

Super O has decided to say a few words to her fans. Without further aidu, I give you Super O...


For those of you who don't speak Super O, I'll translate.

"I'd like to thank my faithful fans who check this site every day for news of my adventures. I know I haven't done many exciting things lately, except pee on my mom's bed (which was really fun by the way), so I'll try to step it up for you. I'm working on the potty training thing, but to be honest with you it's really not that important for me to stop what I'm doing and go into the bathroom. It's much more convenient to do it where I stand. I'll get there one day, but not just quite yet. For those of you giving my mom advise, thank you, but she's tried everything and I'll go when I'm ready. In closing, I would be nothing without my fans and I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Super O has left the building (actually, she's just on her way to bed). She'll be making another appearance soon. Don't miss it...



It's 10:23, Super O is sleeping, she has her pull-up on, and the bed is dry!!!

Thanks again Mom...you're the bestest!!

Puddles, New Sheets and Good Kids

So, I put Super O to bed at 8:00. At 8:30, I went to check on her and found that she was wide awake and naked from the waist down. She took her pull-up off!! I got the dry pull-up from the floor and started to put it back on her while telling her why she can't sleep naked. Well, as I was putting it on one of her legs, I realized that her leg was wet. SHE PEED ON MY BED, ON MY SIDE!! Of course, my first reaction was to scream at her, but what good would that have done? She never does anything really bad, so when she does I don't know what to do!! I decided to just tell her how bad her actions were. We went into the bathroom to wash up and I realized...my spare sheets are dirty. What am I gonna do about my bed? It's now like 8:40, I can't go to the laundromat...maybe mom is still awake. I called mom and talked her into bringing me a set of sheets.

In the meantime, Super O is running around like it's 2:00 in the afternoon. She totally didn't get that what she did was wrong!! What am I gonna do with that kid??? Sometimes I wonder if I'm spoiling her. But then I realize, she's not a bad kid. She takes "no" very well. She does what I ask (most of the time). She doesn't whine or cry when she doesn't get her way. She asks permission before she does ANYTHING. So, no, I don't think she spoiled. I think she's a pretty good kid considering what she's gone through in her short life. And why is she so good? Cuz I'm her mom :)


Pretzels with Dip and Baby Cows

As I write this, Super O is at the coffee table with a bag of Rold Gold's and Dean's French Onion dip. She LOVES that stuff!!! She has a white dip mustache/goatee. Wait...she's drinking chocolate milk and now has a brown Hitler mustache! Sometimes I look at her doing everyday things and I can't believe she's mine! Before she was born, everyone told me "it's different when they're your own". It's so true and you don't know it until you've experienced it!

So...boring day. Super O has been doing pretty well with the potty. I haven't pushed and she seems resigned to the fact that she's gonna have to start using the toilet soon. She's in panties now and we haven't had any accidents. She's got a big bottle of chocolate milk, so I'm thinkin we're either gonna have success or an accident pretty soon ;)

Did I tell you about the calf at my land-lord's farm? Last weekend, we stopped by to get some fresh sweet corn. We always go into the cow barn to see the animals and this time, there was a surprise! Tis the season for newborn calfs and we weren't disappointed. One of the cows is extremely small, and she had the cutest little baby! I swear this calf only came up to Super O's shoulder. Most newborn calfs are much taller than that. Super O doesn't usually like to go near them because their mouths are about even with her face and they always lick her! She walked right up to this little one and put her arm around it's neck. I wish I had a camera! We're gonna try to go by there tomorrow and I'll remember the camera this time. I had asked the land-lord if we could get a dog a while ago and he said "as long as it's small and doesn't shed". Well, I've been having a hard time finding one, so I asked him "Do cows shed, cuz I think I want this calf!". He laughed and said "If you can housetrain it, it's yours!". Needless to say, we don't have a baby cow right now.

Nothing else new to report. Oh, as I was typing that last paragraph Super O had an accident. So much for the whole "trying" thing. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!


Super O and the New Words

I'll give you tha-rwee guesses and the first two don't count! Yup - Super O said three today!

The neighbor has her 30th birthday coming up. Her friends have decided to make it a month long celebration by decorating her yard obnoxiously. Last week, they TP'd her trees and wrote 30 with white paint in the grass. Yesterday we woke up and there were 500 plastic forks stuck upside down in the lawn. Anyway, for the last week, every time we walk past the yard she sees the zero's and says "O". She was walking with her grandma the other day and she kept calling the three's "B" (she was close). Today, we walked past there and when she said "B" I said "No...that's THREE". She looked at me and with her tongue stuck completely out of her mouth for the "th" sound, she said THA-RWEE. I almost freaked out, but I knew she would clam up if I made a big deal about it. So I very calmly said "Yes, that's three". She pointed the the next one and said it again "THA-RWEE". Again, I calmly said "Yes, three". She ended up doing it about 5 times!! MY BABY SAID THREE!! I wanted to knock on all of the neighbors doors and run into the center of town yelling "MY BABY SAID THREE!!!". The worst part about it is that if you make a big deal about it, she'll clam up and never say the word again (well, for a few months anyway...).

Then...as if that wasn't cool enough...

We were watching Big Brother (yes, I admit I'm addicted!!!) and one of the contestants said "Hol-la". Super O looked at me, cocked her head like a puppy and said "Olla". Again, I calmly said "Hol-la" and she replied "Olla". I was so proud...my little girl is using home girl slang!! (anybody have a tissue? I think I have a tear...)

So...I thought this was going to be an uneventful entry, but Super O came through!



Oh oh oh oh - Oh Oh...

<--Toby Rand from Rockstar: Supernova! He's the hot little thunda from down unda!! What a cutie he is!

Super O sang along to her first song today!! We were watching Rockstar and Toby sang an original song called "Throw It Away". There's a repetetive little ditty in the song that goes "Oh oh oh oh - Oh Oh..." (it's hard to do a melody in a blog). Toby sang it last night and was asked back to do the encore tonight. Anyway...as Toby was singing it, the whole audience got into it. I found myself singing along too. All of a sudden, I realize Super O is singing too!! She was also pointing her fingers in the air in her own little dance! We started singing together and by the end of the song, she was havin' a ball. It was a totally amazing mom/daughter moment! If I could actually talk to Toby Rand right now, I would thank him profusely for giving me that moment with my baby (I'd probably kiss him too, he's totally HOT!!). Since she's not talking a lot yet, it was definitly a moment I'll cherish! I hope he wins the contract with Supernova and they cut the song. I'll definitly buy that album for Super O!!

Oh oh oh oh - Oh Oh...



It's Tuesday. What can I say? Super O went back to daycare, I went back to work. Nothing new to report.

Oh! I just thought of something. Super O has become a backseat driver!! The kid is 3 and already telling me how to drive!! We were on the way home and got behind a semi. (BTW, she LOVES semi trucks.) We went about 1/2 mile at 30 miles per hour (in a 55 zone), just as i was about to look to see if I could pass him, Super O says "Mama". I check the rear view to see what she wants and she's motioning for me to pass him. Her little hands were pushing to the left. What's up with that?? I said "Don't worry baby, Mama's gonna go around him". At that point, it was kinda anti-climactic. What's next? Is she gonna start telling me to slow down? Or go faster? I tell ya...

One more thing happened, but it has nothing to do with Super O. JANELLE EVICTED WILL FROM BIG BROTHER ALL-STARS!!! YEAY!!!

And on that note, I'm out...


Commando Potty Training - Day 3

The pull-ups have won another battle. Super O was completely uninterested in using the potty today!! She went at grandma's house once, but wouldn't go at home at all!!! I just don't know what to do. She doesn't care if I take her toys away. She doesn't care if I say "babies go in their pants, big girls go in the potty". She is the single most stubborn child I have EVER seen. If you ask my mom, she'll say Super O is just like her mom. Hmmm.... Mom, have I apologized for my childhood yet? If not, I'M SORRY!

The video from Amazon.com should be here next week. Hopefully that will help. If I could find a Jimmy Neutron potty training tape, I'm confident that would do the trick! My girl loves her Jimmy!

I'm not giving up the war! Super O will go when she's ready. This weekend has taught me that you really can't make a kid do something they don't want to do (not if it's biological anyway). If she's not hungry, I can't make her eat. If she's not sleepy, I can't make her sleep. And if she wants to make 1 or 2 in her pull-up, well all I can do is encourage her to do it in the potty and move on.


Commando Potty Training - Day 2

The enemy has retaken the bunker! We had ZERO luck today. Super O was very interested in sitting on the potty, but would she go in it?? NO!! I suppose I should be glad that she at least sits on it.

She was all excited because she got to walk Baby to grandma's in the stroller! She even went over there in her big girl undies without having an accident. Our deal from yesterday was "if you go in your panties, mommy will take Baby away". Well, by 1:00 today, Baby was living in the closet. She didn't reappear until bedtime when Super O fell out of the bed and was crying. She tried to get to the closet in the dark to rescue Baby (not sure how she planned on doing it, Baby was on the top shelf). I felt bad for her, she bumped her head, so I let Baby come out for the night.

Anyway, the pull-ups have won this battle, but I WILL win the war. I'm not giving up!! I ordered Potty Power - For Boys and Girls from Amazon.com in preparation for failure this weekend. I will not give up the fight if we don't have success this time.


Commando Potty Training - Day 1

As I write this, Super O is in bed. Day 1 is behind us. The war is on! The war against pull-ups, that is :)

We got started late today. I admit, I stayed up too late last night and this morning was a bust for me. After our nap, we got out the panties and had a long talk about what needed to happen. If she used the potty, she would get a prize. (Check the last entry for the list of prizes.)

She decided she really wanted the baby doll, so after about 15 min of the panties she said "Mama, poopoo". We ran to the bathroom and she really tried. I decided to give her the baby since she made an effort. These are the moments I really enjoy. That baby made her day!!! After the excitement wore off, I told her that if she goes potty on the toilet, she can have the bottle. She didn't seem too excited, so I just let it go.

About 2 hours go by with no interest in the bathroom. She didn't go in her pants though, so I thought we had to be getting close. We go to the potty, I leave her alone for a moment to get her a book, and when I get back I hear the best sound in the world. MY BABY WENT PEE PEE IN THE TOILET!!! Even Super O knew she did something good. We finish up, I give her a huge hug and she gets the bottle. Now, I usually stay away from annoying toys, but she really wanted this thing. When you push on the nipple, the bottle makes a crying noise, followed by sucking. Super O climbed into my recliner and started feeding her baby. It was sooo cute!!

Things seemed to be going well, but alas...we hit a few bumps in the road. In the next few hours she had 3 accidents. I have to take responsibility for one of them. I was using the bathroom when she told me she had to go and she couldn't hold it. I sat down with her and explained that if she kept going in her undies, I would take her baby away. Her reply? "Noooo Mama!!!" For the next hour or so, we were in the bathroom every ten minutes. I think she was determined not to loose that doll!! We had one more success, so she got a new outfit for Baby. (Yes, we named her Baby because that's one of the words she can say).

Right now she's tucked in bed with a pull-up on and Baby pulled close. Is there anything sweeter than a cute little kid sleeping with their favorite thing in the world??

Tomorrow is Day 2 of the war. I'm determined the pull-ups will agree to a full daytime surrender by the end of Monday!

Check back tomorrow for another update!!


Big girl undies and waterfalls...

I know I said we were starting potty training on Saturday, but Super O decided she wanted panties on tonight. I'm sure it has something to do with the new doll, but I'm getting ahead of myself...

I've been preparing Super O for the whole potty thing all week. We made plans to shop this afternoon and get big girl panties and a prize. She indicated she wanted a new baby. I got out of work early so we hit the local Shop-Ko. I wanted to get a few little "prizes" so when she goes multiple times I can reward her. So, we picked out a new baby with two outfits, a bottle, a pack of diapers (for the baby!!!) and a new backpack to hold all of the accessories. After all, all mommies need a diaper bag :) We then hit the panty aisle. She tends to be like mom, plain colors with the occasional flower thrown in. She wasn't interested in the Dora or Disney Princess undies. Plain cotton Hanes tagless for my girl!

We got home and she decided she wanted to wear a pair of her new panties, so I thought "Right on...let the games begin". I made her try to go on the toilet then we donned the undies. Things were going real well. She didn't want to try to go, but she indicated she didn't need to. We even ran to the store and didn't put on a pull-up first. No accidents!!!

After about 2 hours in the undies she was standing in front of the couch and I hear a waterfall. She was peeing while eating a cookie!!! What's up with that. I was floored! She didn't even try to make it to the bathroom. Hell, she didn't even try to tell me that she needed to go!! This is definitly not how I pictured things going!

Anyway, it was almost bedtime so we put the pull-ups back on after she got a good talking to. "Super O, you cannot have your new baby until you go pee pee on the potty!" She looked at me like I was from Mars. I swear, if I could have read her thoughts they would have looked like this "Yea, sure, whatever mom...if I have to pee on the toilet to get the stupid doll then I guess you should just take it back to the store right now cuz I'M NOT PEEING ON THE TOILET!!"

Oh well...tomorrow is another day! Hopefully the lure of the new baby doll will work it's magic. Wish us luck!!