Big girl undies and waterfalls...

I know I said we were starting potty training on Saturday, but Super O decided she wanted panties on tonight. I'm sure it has something to do with the new doll, but I'm getting ahead of myself...

I've been preparing Super O for the whole potty thing all week. We made plans to shop this afternoon and get big girl panties and a prize. She indicated she wanted a new baby. I got out of work early so we hit the local Shop-Ko. I wanted to get a few little "prizes" so when she goes multiple times I can reward her. So, we picked out a new baby with two outfits, a bottle, a pack of diapers (for the baby!!!) and a new backpack to hold all of the accessories. After all, all mommies need a diaper bag :) We then hit the panty aisle. She tends to be like mom, plain colors with the occasional flower thrown in. She wasn't interested in the Dora or Disney Princess undies. Plain cotton Hanes tagless for my girl!

We got home and she decided she wanted to wear a pair of her new panties, so I thought "Right on...let the games begin". I made her try to go on the toilet then we donned the undies. Things were going real well. She didn't want to try to go, but she indicated she didn't need to. We even ran to the store and didn't put on a pull-up first. No accidents!!!

After about 2 hours in the undies she was standing in front of the couch and I hear a waterfall. She was peeing while eating a cookie!!! What's up with that. I was floored! She didn't even try to make it to the bathroom. Hell, she didn't even try to tell me that she needed to go!! This is definitly not how I pictured things going!

Anyway, it was almost bedtime so we put the pull-ups back on after she got a good talking to. "Super O, you cannot have your new baby until you go pee pee on the potty!" She looked at me like I was from Mars. I swear, if I could have read her thoughts they would have looked like this "Yea, sure, whatever mom...if I have to pee on the toilet to get the stupid doll then I guess you should just take it back to the store right now cuz I'M NOT PEEING ON THE TOILET!!"

Oh well...tomorrow is another day! Hopefully the lure of the new baby doll will work it's magic. Wish us luck!!

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