Broken Computers and New Shoes

Sorry I haven't made an entry in a bit, my computer has been acting strange since Tuesday night. I ran a few utilities last night and I seem to be okay again, but one never knows with a computer.

Nothing much has happened since my last entry. Super O got new super hero shoes. She absolutely loves them because they have a zipper instead of ties. How cool is she!! She was wearing them last night with no pants...yup...t-shirt, pull-up, socks, new shoes. It was quite the fashion statement. She was running up and down the hallway testing how fast her new shoes make her run! Based on her tests, I think she'll be able to keep her super hero status with the new shoes.

Gotta go wake the little one up. It's time to get ready for our day!


  1. I think my son has fashion sense like your "Super O". He did almost the same style, only not as much on (read nothing else), and the shoes weren't his (his big sisters' ruby slippers). The pictures I took will make for great blackmail when he starts dating.

  2. anon 4:18 - funny story !!
    i remember when my son was about 6, we bought him a pair of cowboy boots, cause he really wanted them, of course he wore them all day, then at bedtime i told him to take them off, which he did - then when i went to check on the kids as i was going to bed, i realized that he was sound asleep in his pj's AND the cowboy boots !!

    super O's super grandma