Commando Potty Training - Day 1

As I write this, Super O is in bed. Day 1 is behind us. The war is on! The war against pull-ups, that is :)

We got started late today. I admit, I stayed up too late last night and this morning was a bust for me. After our nap, we got out the panties and had a long talk about what needed to happen. If she used the potty, she would get a prize. (Check the last entry for the list of prizes.)

She decided she really wanted the baby doll, so after about 15 min of the panties she said "Mama, poopoo". We ran to the bathroom and she really tried. I decided to give her the baby since she made an effort. These are the moments I really enjoy. That baby made her day!!! After the excitement wore off, I told her that if she goes potty on the toilet, she can have the bottle. She didn't seem too excited, so I just let it go.

About 2 hours go by with no interest in the bathroom. She didn't go in her pants though, so I thought we had to be getting close. We go to the potty, I leave her alone for a moment to get her a book, and when I get back I hear the best sound in the world. MY BABY WENT PEE PEE IN THE TOILET!!! Even Super O knew she did something good. We finish up, I give her a huge hug and she gets the bottle. Now, I usually stay away from annoying toys, but she really wanted this thing. When you push on the nipple, the bottle makes a crying noise, followed by sucking. Super O climbed into my recliner and started feeding her baby. It was sooo cute!!

Things seemed to be going well, but alas...we hit a few bumps in the road. In the next few hours she had 3 accidents. I have to take responsibility for one of them. I was using the bathroom when she told me she had to go and she couldn't hold it. I sat down with her and explained that if she kept going in her undies, I would take her baby away. Her reply? "Noooo Mama!!!" For the next hour or so, we were in the bathroom every ten minutes. I think she was determined not to loose that doll!! We had one more success, so she got a new outfit for Baby. (Yes, we named her Baby because that's one of the words she can say).

Right now she's tucked in bed with a pull-up on and Baby pulled close. Is there anything sweeter than a cute little kid sleeping with their favorite thing in the world??

Tomorrow is Day 2 of the war. I'm determined the pull-ups will agree to a full daytime surrender by the end of Monday!

Check back tomorrow for another update!!

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