Commando Potty Training - Day 2

The enemy has retaken the bunker! We had ZERO luck today. Super O was very interested in sitting on the potty, but would she go in it?? NO!! I suppose I should be glad that she at least sits on it.

She was all excited because she got to walk Baby to grandma's in the stroller! She even went over there in her big girl undies without having an accident. Our deal from yesterday was "if you go in your panties, mommy will take Baby away". Well, by 1:00 today, Baby was living in the closet. She didn't reappear until bedtime when Super O fell out of the bed and was crying. She tried to get to the closet in the dark to rescue Baby (not sure how she planned on doing it, Baby was on the top shelf). I felt bad for her, she bumped her head, so I let Baby come out for the night.

Anyway, the pull-ups have won this battle, but I WILL win the war. I'm not giving up!! I ordered Potty Power - For Boys and Girls from Amazon.com in preparation for failure this weekend. I will not give up the fight if we don't have success this time.


  1. Greetings to you and Super O.

    Potty training can be a challenge but with a lot of patience and dumb luck it can be done.

    Here's a great site to check out.


    The free tips in the left-hand column are great.

    I hope this site helps. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and Super O and thank God everyday that my potty training days are over!

  2. Lucy -- I just checked that website and found one that may work.

    Try the "warm water" trick. Once the child is sitting on the potty, fill a large bowl or small bucket with lukewarm or tepid water. Place some new "potty" toys in the bowl and set the bowl of water in front of the child. When the child places his/her hands in the lukewarm water to play with the toys, they may nearly instantly go.

    I tried the "turn on the faucet" one, but I can't hear if she goes. Super O has a tendency to tell me she went even when she didn't. She just wants the prizes!! I think I may buy a blue toilet bowl cleaner thingie. That way the water will turn green when she goes.