Commando Potty Training - Day 3

The pull-ups have won another battle. Super O was completely uninterested in using the potty today!! She went at grandma's house once, but wouldn't go at home at all!!! I just don't know what to do. She doesn't care if I take her toys away. She doesn't care if I say "babies go in their pants, big girls go in the potty". She is the single most stubborn child I have EVER seen. If you ask my mom, she'll say Super O is just like her mom. Hmmm.... Mom, have I apologized for my childhood yet? If not, I'M SORRY!

The video from Amazon.com should be here next week. Hopefully that will help. If I could find a Jimmy Neutron potty training tape, I'm confident that would do the trick! My girl loves her Jimmy!

I'm not giving up the war! Super O will go when she's ready. This weekend has taught me that you really can't make a kid do something they don't want to do (not if it's biological anyway). If she's not hungry, I can't make her eat. If she's not sleepy, I can't make her sleep. And if she wants to make 1 or 2 in her pull-up, well all I can do is encourage her to do it in the potty and move on.


  1. Just remember this, when you feel like she will never be potty trained... How many kids go off to college wearing a diaper? It will happen I promise.
    Karen in Lubbock TX

  2. "...Single most stubborn kid." You should really meet my 3 year old son, who just laughs when he "poo's" his pants and tells me to "stop saying that!" Every time I say the word potty! I feel your pain.

  3. That reminds me...my daughter once told me she was going to "wear her diapers forever" after I caught her sitting in the corner and going in her pretty new lacy panties. She is 16 now and driving!!! how time flies, I miss those baby days!
    Karen in Lubbock BB7 addict

  4. Hi there,
    Just came across your blog and thought I would post. My son is 3 and a half and almost fully potty trained. he's trained for daytime and only now are we are going for the nighttime training. So far only one accident in a week at night. For prizes for going pp or poo we used bite sized chocolates or hershey's kisses. When we ran out of those we found some sunkist fruit chews that he liked. But mainly the chocolate. And he'd be able to go to the frig with us and take it out of the drawer himself while we supervised. We thought this would help him feel more independant and it would go along with the feeling of being a big boy and using the toilet.
    Day care help potty train in the sense that if I told them he's in underwear and training, they would add him to their list of kids to tell almost every 20 to 30 minutes to go to the bathroom. Not ask, they told them, ok to the bathroom and go pp. They would go and there would be little accidents cuz they kept on the kids. We did the same at home. Most times he would answer "naaaahh" and then a few minutes later run on his own and go.
    I have a short ebook on potty training if you want to read it, it helped with the wording of things and making sure he didn't feel bad about making a mess and how to react to it. Also used Bear in the Big Blue house potty chair video. The "Once Upon A Potty" They have it for him or her. He really liked that one the best and sang the song that went with it.
    Hang in there, she'll make it happen soon.
    Chris Mom of 2 boys.