Super O loves sports when her cousins are playing them!! Her cousin, Joshua (15), is playing JV Football this year. We were able to go to our first game today. It was the Stratford Tigers vs. the Rib Lake (something or other). I guess it doesn't really matter who the other team was, the only thing that matters is WE WON!!! The final score was 20-6!! GO TIGERS!!

I'm not sure how things are in other areas, but our JV team doesn't have cheerleaders. Jessica (8), Super O's other cousin, decided to be the cheerleader. Bless her heart, that kid tries!! She was getting cheers from the moms and some were really funny. One of her cheers has the crowd spelling L-E-T-S-G-O, you have to say it real fast...LETS-GO. Jessica could not get the letters out in the right order to save her life. At one point, we were all chanting LEGS-TO :)

There's one more cousin, Joe (11). He was at the game, but you know how 11yr old boys can be. We saw him for about 30 seconds, long enough for him to give his little cousin a hug. Then he was gone again. When did it become "uncool" to hang with the family?? Were we like that as kids too??

Let's see...other people of interest at the game were Uncle Curt, Aunt Stephanie, Kayla and Aunt Barb. Aunt Barb is Josh, Joe, & Jessica's mom (Uncle Brian, my brother, is working out of town and couldn't be with us). Aunt Stephanie is Aunt Barb's sister. Kayla is Aunt Steph's little girl. Kayla's a baby, she's only 1 (turned 1 in August). Super O likes to play with Kayla, but Kayla isn't sure how to play back. I'm sure in another year or so, they'll be the best of friends. Now, Uncle Curt...he's the coolest. He's not related to us in anyway (he's actually Aunt Barb's uncle), but Uncle Curt ROCKS in Super O's book. Since the first time she met him last summer, Super O has been in love with Uncle Curt. I just love seeing her with him because Uncle Curt is a BIG guy and Super O is a little girl. He's so gentle with her. It's like seeing Jack (from the beanstalk) with the giant :)

So, we have football until the end of October then BASKETBALL starts!!! We just love basketball. Josh and Joe both play. I think Jessica is starting this year too. Luckily for us, basketball season runs from November until about April. The school team goes until Dec or Jan, then tournament season starts. WE CAN'T WAIT!!!

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