Is it Friday yet?

Nothing new to report. Super O has been really trying with the words! She's attempting at least two or three new ones every day! Today was ON, OFF, THERE, and HERE. One of the things the speech/language pathologist said was to repeat everything she says, even if she says it wrong. Repeat it wrong, then give her the correct word. Well, I was doing it and Super O got mad at me! She doesn't want to use that particular teaching technique!

I talked to Tee-Tee (that's Super O's teacher, Tristan) today. She agreed to help me with transportation to the language therapy after Super O has a few sessions! Did I mention how great her daycare is? There is no way she's leaving that school until they kick her out at 12 yrs old!

As for me...I cut my hair today!! And when I say cut, I mean CUT! When I sat in the chair and told the stylist what to do, she couldn't believe her ears. We ended up cutting 8"off! Can you believe that? I was thinking of taking the extra 2" so I could send the hair to Locks of Love , but I just couldn't! It was pretty damaged anyway, so I don't feel as bad. I figure I'll make a monetary donation soon to make up for it :)

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  1. super O definitely has a mind of her own - she may not be able to verbalize it, but if looks could kill ...

    I wonder where she gets that from ??

    super grandma