It's Friday!!!

Yeah...it's Friday!! This was a long week!!

I don't really have much to report on Super O. We went to dinner with Nini (grandma) and Dave. Super O ate ketchup and sour cream. I think she ate some cheese out of her grilled cheese sandwich, but her dinner was mostly just the ketchup and sour cream.

I have an appointment at our local elementary school on Monday morning (for the background, see my post Let the battle begin...). Surprisingly, I'm not nervous at all! The director of Super O's daycare will be with me, so maybe that's why I'm not worried about it. Representing the "enemy" is the speech teacher, the school psycologist, the early childhood teacher and the principal (not sure if I've mentioned it, but the principal lives upstairs from us and the dude is a JERK!!). The county special ed dept is sending two representatives. I'm totally prepared to fight for my baby!! I have a list of what she can say and I'm making notes on what I want to say during the meeting. I'll post an update on Monday so everyone will know how the meeting went.

We have a big weekend planned...house cleaning and clothes shopping. Doesn't that sound like fun?? The weather is turning cold and Super O has grown out of all of her fall/winter clothes. Thank goodness for the Goodwill store.

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