The Meanest Mommy EVER!!

So...Super O has issues with her socks and shoes! She takes them off in the car almost every day on the way home. I have no idea how to break her of this! It's not like I can watch her every minute while I'm driving. I tell her to leave them on, but sure enough, she takes them off before we make it 5 miles down the road. It's not a big deal in the summer, but it's been like 50 degrees when I pick her up! Today the arguement finally came to a head...

As usual, Super O started to take her shoes off. I saw her doing it in the rear view mirror, so I told her not to. She decided to proceed anyway, so I told her that if she took them off she would have to walk from the garage to the house when we get home barefooted. Did I mention that it was like 50 degrees out? And it had been raining? We went a few more miles and sure enough, the socks and shoes are on the floorboard. So what do I do now? Do I stick to my guns and make her walk barefooted or do I give in and carry her? I figure this is my chance to stop the behavior before it's -20 degrees and she's still taking them off.

We pull into the garage, I gather our things, I take her out of the car and place her on the cold concrete garage floor. She immediately freaked out and wanted me to pick her up! I stuck to my guns and made her walk. We made it to the sidewalk with her crying the whole way. She decided she wasn't going to walk anymore and sat down with her arms crossed. That kid is soooo stubborn (gee, I wonder where she gets that...)! While this is happening the garage door for the upstairs apartment opens, the jerk upstairs pulls out, and Super O is waving at him like it's any other day. I'm holding my purse, my lunch bag, my backpack, a bottle of soda, and Super O's socks and shoes and Super O is sitting on the wet sidewalk with bare feet! Why do these things happen to us?? Anyway, I take my stuff in the house and go back to get my child. She thought I was going to carry her, but she was sorely mistaken. I took her by the hand and made her walk...on the cold wet sidewalk. We finally make it into the house and Super O runs to the back room crying. At this point, I feel like the worst mommy in the whole world!!

I went about my business...changed clothes, used the bathroom, etc. and waited for Super O to decide she wasn't mad anymore. When she finally came to me for comfort (why do kids do that? they're mad at us one minute and the next we're the only ones who can comfort them!) I cuddled her for a minute and explained why I did what I did. She promised to never take her socks and shoes off in the car again!

So, this is why I'm the meanest mommy ever! Was I wrong? It's not like I made her walk in the snow. And it wasn't raining. We'll see what happens tomorrow. If she takes those damn shoes and socks off I don't know what I'm gonna do!!


  1. i think you should just let super O do whatever she wants !! :)

    super grandma

  2. Did you know that children and grandchildren are such great friends because they have an enemy in common?