Meetings, Sickness and New Words...OH MY!!!

Wow!! It seems like ages since I posted!! Do I even remember how to do this??

First, let me update everyone on our meeting with the elementary school about Super O's speech. The cast of characters was...

  • Me
  • Super O's daycare director
  • Elem school principle (aka upstairs neighbor jerk guy)
  • Speech teacher
  • School psycologist
  • Early childhood teacher
  • Asst. Director of the county special education program
  • Some other lady from the special ed program

As you can see, I felt very outnumbered. When we walked in I said a little "Thank God I brought someone!!". The meeting started the way I thought. They offered speech/early childhood classes 3 times a week in the afternoon. How in the Hell am I supposed to get Super O to school 3 afternoons a week when I work 30 miles away and her daycare is halfway between work & home??? I was then given the opportunity to express my concerns. I basically told them that there was absolutely no way I could do that schedule. I'm not sure any of these people understand that I'm a single mother with absolutely no help from the "sperm donor" (he lives in FL and we haven't heard from him in 1 1/2 years). I HAVE to work full time if I plan on feeding and clothing Super O!! While I feel strongly about getting her help with her speech, I feel more strongly about making sure she eats and doesn't go naked!

Anyway, the Asst. Director of the special ed program came up with an awesome idea. Since there is no way we can move her to the school close to her daycare (some stupid law about open enrollment and a time window I missed), she offered the services of a sign language teacher for the daycare teachers. This teacher is in high demand all over our county (the largest in WI)!! She's gonna do an in-service class for the daycare to teach them sign language and give them resources for working with a child who has speech issues. The class will also benefit the infant/toddler teachers who've been trying to incorporate Baby Sign. In addition, the speech teacher at the "other" elem school is gonna volunteer some time at the daycare center. While she can't legally work with Super O, she can work with the whole class. This will also get Super O comfortable with her so that when she does go to that school next year (I'm getting the open enrollment paperwork soon...YEAH!!!), Super O will already know her and there won't be that "getting to know you" period. I am already impressed with this other school. They have done more for us in the last few weeks than our local school has done since last spring! So, things are looking up for Super O and Super Mom!!

That was monday morning. By 7pm I was sick as a dog with the stomach flu! We're talking fever, chills, aches, pains, trips to the bathroom...the whole 9 yards. Super Grandma handled the daycare transport for me on Tuesday and Super O stayed home with me on Wednesday. By Thursday, I was ready to go to work. I lasted until 12:30. I wasn't sick anymore, but the lack of food for 2 days was causing massive gas pains in the stomach area. I came home and ate Gas-X and soup...which did absolutely no good!!! We went to Josh's football game (they won...again) and when we came home I decided to throw caution to the wind and ate a mexican pizza. Would you believe it...the pizza made me feel better and I was like a new woman!!! I don't sugget getting the stomach bug anytime soon :)

So, I alluded to some new words in my post title. Well, Super O has decided that talking might be fun afterall!! She now says:

  • Big (said like Bic)
  • Blue (Bwoo)
  • Dan (don't ask, she knows someone named Dan)
  • Mine (very clearly)
  • Play (pay)
  • Her teacher Tristan is now "Tee Tee"
  • Duck (it comes out Duh, but we know what it is)
  • Beep Beep (yea, it's funny until she's beeping at me to move out of her way in a store!)

Wow, I didn't realize there were so many new words until I actually see them on paper (or screen). Most of these are new within the last week...others she's been working on for a bit. Hopefully she'll keep going and be saying full sentences by her birthday in December. It's just so cool for me to finally hear her little voice after waiting for so long!! It's like the most beautiful music in the world!!

Okay...I'll stop now. Sorry for being so long winded, but it's been a week ya know!! Now that I'm all better, I'll be sure to update more often. Until then...


  1. all the roadrunner ever said was "beep beep" and he was famous !!

    super grandma

  2. travelnbabe9/23/06, 9:40 AM

    they did the same thing with me when paul was that age....gang up on me; and he turned out ok. perfectly normal, a responsible homeowner and not in prison or on drugs or anything. just a regular person. and his wicked stepmother val used to complain about his not being able to tie his shoes when he was about 6 or 7, but look he ties is own shoes today and everything!!!

    don't let them get you down, orkmommy....she'll develop at her own pace & her own speed.

    Superaunt Liz