Oh oh oh oh - Oh Oh...

<--Toby Rand from Rockstar: Supernova! He's the hot little thunda from down unda!! What a cutie he is!

Super O sang along to her first song today!! We were watching Rockstar and Toby sang an original song called "Throw It Away". There's a repetetive little ditty in the song that goes "Oh oh oh oh - Oh Oh..." (it's hard to do a melody in a blog). Toby sang it last night and was asked back to do the encore tonight. Anyway...as Toby was singing it, the whole audience got into it. I found myself singing along too. All of a sudden, I realize Super O is singing too!! She was also pointing her fingers in the air in her own little dance! We started singing together and by the end of the song, she was havin' a ball. It was a totally amazing mom/daughter moment! If I could actually talk to Toby Rand right now, I would thank him profusely for giving me that moment with my baby (I'd probably kiss him too, he's totally HOT!!). Since she's not talking a lot yet, it was definitly a moment I'll cherish! I hope he wins the contract with Supernova and they cut the song. I'll definitly buy that album for Super O!!

Oh oh oh oh - Oh Oh...

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