Pretzels with Dip and Baby Cows

As I write this, Super O is at the coffee table with a bag of Rold Gold's and Dean's French Onion dip. She LOVES that stuff!!! She has a white dip mustache/goatee. Wait...she's drinking chocolate milk and now has a brown Hitler mustache! Sometimes I look at her doing everyday things and I can't believe she's mine! Before she was born, everyone told me "it's different when they're your own". It's so true and you don't know it until you've experienced it!

So...boring day. Super O has been doing pretty well with the potty. I haven't pushed and she seems resigned to the fact that she's gonna have to start using the toilet soon. She's in panties now and we haven't had any accidents. She's got a big bottle of chocolate milk, so I'm thinkin we're either gonna have success or an accident pretty soon ;)

Did I tell you about the calf at my land-lord's farm? Last weekend, we stopped by to get some fresh sweet corn. We always go into the cow barn to see the animals and this time, there was a surprise! Tis the season for newborn calfs and we weren't disappointed. One of the cows is extremely small, and she had the cutest little baby! I swear this calf only came up to Super O's shoulder. Most newborn calfs are much taller than that. Super O doesn't usually like to go near them because their mouths are about even with her face and they always lick her! She walked right up to this little one and put her arm around it's neck. I wish I had a camera! We're gonna try to go by there tomorrow and I'll remember the camera this time. I had asked the land-lord if we could get a dog a while ago and he said "as long as it's small and doesn't shed". Well, I've been having a hard time finding one, so I asked him "Do cows shed, cuz I think I want this calf!". He laughed and said "If you can housetrain it, it's yours!". Needless to say, we don't have a baby cow right now.

Nothing else new to report. Oh, as I was typing that last paragraph Super O had an accident. So much for the whole "trying" thing. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!


  1. you start at the stem of the apple, & slowly peal all the way around - when you are done pealing, with no breaks, you throw the peal over your left shoulder, & it will land in the shape of your future husband's letter of his first name - ok, so it's an old wives tale, but it works as well as anything else :)


  2. ~ashley ann~9/10/06, 12:42 PM

    hey, i read all ur articals.. i talked to grandma about the potty training thing and she said try the new Pampers-pull ups (where she feels wet in moments and she can pull them up and down herself)She also said that you cant "force" her to go potty on the big toilet, you just have to be pacient and O will go when she is ready!
    I miss you all
    lots of love
    ~ashley ann~ xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    ~ashley ann~