She Had Her Cake and Ate It Too!!

Sorry I didn't post over the weekend. To be honest, there wasn't anything to post about. We went shopping on Saturday and bought some new clothes for Super O. We spent most of Sunday cleaning. It was pretty boring!!

Super O was watching Lazy Town the other day and the kids on the show were making a cake. Super O decided she wanted to make a cake too! When we went grocery shopping, I bought a yellow cake mix with chocolate frosting. We made the cake on Sunday afternoon. This consisted of Super O holding the mixer for about 30 seconds then eating the batter and frosting. I'd offer you all a piece, but she licked the spatula between each swipe on the cake :)

Anyway, here's a picture of her with frosting all over her face. We've never tried a cake before! Usually she opts for the brownies :)

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