Super O and the New Words

I'll give you tha-rwee guesses and the first two don't count! Yup - Super O said three today!

The neighbor has her 30th birthday coming up. Her friends have decided to make it a month long celebration by decorating her yard obnoxiously. Last week, they TP'd her trees and wrote 30 with white paint in the grass. Yesterday we woke up and there were 500 plastic forks stuck upside down in the lawn. Anyway, for the last week, every time we walk past the yard she sees the zero's and says "O". She was walking with her grandma the other day and she kept calling the three's "B" (she was close). Today, we walked past there and when she said "B" I said "No...that's THREE". She looked at me and with her tongue stuck completely out of her mouth for the "th" sound, she said THA-RWEE. I almost freaked out, but I knew she would clam up if I made a big deal about it. So I very calmly said "Yes, that's three". She pointed the the next one and said it again "THA-RWEE". Again, I calmly said "Yes, three". She ended up doing it about 5 times!! MY BABY SAID THREE!! I wanted to knock on all of the neighbors doors and run into the center of town yelling "MY BABY SAID THREE!!!". The worst part about it is that if you make a big deal about it, she'll clam up and never say the word again (well, for a few months anyway...).

Then...as if that wasn't cool enough...

We were watching Big Brother (yes, I admit I'm addicted!!!) and one of the contestants said "Hol-la". Super O looked at me, cocked her head like a puppy and said "Olla". Again, I calmly said "Hol-la" and she replied "Olla". I was so proud...my little girl is using home girl slang!! (anybody have a tissue? I think I have a tear...)

So...I thought this was going to be an uneventful entry, but Super O came through!


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