It's 10:23, Super O is sleeping, she has her pull-up on, and the bed is dry!!!

Thanks again Mom...you're the bestest!!


  1. As a mom of 4 and a grandmom of 9,
    I TOTALLY know a part of what you are experiencing.
    The best advice I can offer is "Be Consistent"..
    When you are really worn out physically & emotionally after a
    difficult day, it is so easy to let your guard down.
    Also, my middle two girls were the most difficult of all.
    I started having them help me strip the bedding & put new sheets on (used a rubberized mattress pad to protect the mattress).
    They enjoyed helping me at first, then after a while, they got tired
    of changing the bed all the time.
    The accidents of the bedtime hours became less & less & they enjoyed bragging about the times they were dry.
    As mothers themselves, they have used this with their kids.

    Another thing I had great success with was NOT using a little potty chair(they never liked it).
    I made a small wooden step which the girls helped me paint & decorate & used it to help them climb up on the toilet like "big" people....
    They were very proud of their work & took every opportunity to show it to everyone who entered the house.
    You just have to find what works for your particular child &keep a positive attitude!!


    ps: I found you from reading Jackie's BB7 blog..
    (another Janelle fan!!!)

  2. We have a kiddie seat that sits on the big toilet seat. She's afraid to sit on the big one because she fell in once :) We also have a stool. She has no problem sitting on the pot, she just doesn't want to leave anything there!!

    Thanks for the advise. Hopefully we won't have anymore "strip and pee" accidents. I think she learned her lesson about that one.