A Word from Super O

Super O has decided to say a few words to her fans. Without further aidu, I give you Super O...


For those of you who don't speak Super O, I'll translate.

"I'd like to thank my faithful fans who check this site every day for news of my adventures. I know I haven't done many exciting things lately, except pee on my mom's bed (which was really fun by the way), so I'll try to step it up for you. I'm working on the potty training thing, but to be honest with you it's really not that important for me to stop what I'm doing and go into the bathroom. It's much more convenient to do it where I stand. I'll get there one day, but not just quite yet. For those of you giving my mom advise, thank you, but she's tried everything and I'll go when I'm ready. In closing, I would be nothing without my fans and I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Super O has left the building (actually, she's just on her way to bed). She'll be making another appearance soon. Don't miss it...


  1. YOU GO SUPER O!!!

    Do it like me! Pee where you wanna!!!

  2. super O has her own little agenda for life, & most of the time it doesn't match mom's agenda for her life. She can be quite the stubborn little child, & i'm not sure where she gets that from - is anyone else in the family stubborn & inflexible ?? hhhhmmmmm
    well, she has to develop her own personality, & so far she is the type that wants what she wants when she wants it - very unusual for a 3 yr old ??? hmmmmm, i think not !!

    super O's super grandma !!

  3. Super O is a person who will talk & pen where & when she's ready and not a moment before. Oh, and btw, super grandma, absolutely no one in this family is stubborn and inflexible!!

    Superaunt Liz

  4. travelnbabe9/23/06, 9:34 AM

    oops, that was 'pee' btw......