Kids Are Funny!

If you've been reading my posts, you know that Super O goes to daycare full-time. She's been in the same center for a year now and I've gotten to know her friends pretty well. There are a few kids that have attached themselves to us and I'd like to share a few stories.

First there's Elliott. He's a twin and his brother Chad is also in the class. Chad is very rambunctious and doesn't talk to me much, but Elliott is a lover. He's always talking to me and hugging me! He likes to draw and he makes me pictures for my art walls at work. Yesterday when I picked Super O up, there was an envelope in my mailbox. It said To: Theresa - From: Elliott - Happy Birthday! I opened the envelope and there was yet another self-portrait of himself. I wish I had a scan of the picture so I could post it! Anyway, I started talking to Elliott and the subject of cows came up. Elliott's father and uncle own one of the largest dairy farms in the area and apparently, one of their cows had twins! The conversation went something like this:
  • Elliott (very animated): One of our cows had two twins!!
  • Me: Twin calves?? Like you and your brother?
  • Elliott: Yup!
  • Me: Did you name them Chad and Elliott?
  • Elliott (with that "grown-ups are silly" tone): NO!! They're girls!!!

Did I mention how cute he is??

Then there's Kennedy. She just turned 5 on Monday, so she's about 14 months older than Super O. Kennedy likes to mother Super O. It's really quite funny. She's big for her age and Super O is small for her age, so it looks like Kennedy is really a few years older. A few times a week, when Kennedy sees me coming, she will take Super O by the hand and say "Olivia, your mommy is here" and walk her to me. She also "catches" Super O when she goes down the slide. Well today she told me her version of a joke. She was playing with Ethan (I call him Why Boy...I'm sure you can guess why) and her joke involved him. Here goes...

  • I was holding this pillow and pretending a kitty was under it. Then I showed Ethan there was no kitty and he said "Silly Kitty!!"

That was it. It was completely silly and made no sense, but she told it with such gusto that I had to laugh! She's quite the character.

Lastly, there's Ethan. He's such a tough little boy with a very soft side. When he cries, he goes into the corner so nobody can see him. He's also quite the little lover and gives me lots of hugs. As I mentioned before, I call him Why Boy. He's gotten a little better now that he's started Pre-K, but he still asks "Why" a lot! You'd like an example of a typical conversation with Ethan? Okay...

  • Ethan: Why are you wearing your coat?
  • Me: Because it's cold outside.
  • Ethan: Why is it cold outside?
  • Me: Because winter is coming.
  • Ethan: Why is winter coming?
  • Me: Because summer is over.
  • Ethan: Why is summer over?
  • Me: Why do you ask why all the time?

This usually stops him. He looks at me with his head cocked to the side like a puppy. Why do I stop him? Why don't I just answer the questions? Why are you asking me why?

There's several more, but those are the main players. Chad (Elliott's brother) really likes Super O and she seems to calm him down. When they go for walks, the teachers usually pair them together. He looks out for her and she keeps him in line so he doesn't run off from the group. They're like yin & yang. It works for me! Owen was her best friend in the toddler room, but he's made other friends since he came to the pre-school room. Rebecca is another friend from the toddler room. She just moved up to the pre-school room, so Super O is showing her the ropes. The rest just treat me like any of the other moms so I don't know them very well.

So, there's a look into Super O's circle of friends. She absolutely loves her daycare! The teachers are fabulous, the other staff is wonderful, the kids are fun....what's not to love??

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  1. it's so funny this area we live in is a lot of small towns several miles apart, but it seems that everywhere we go, with O, we bump into someone who knows O - she's such a tiny little 3 yr old who doesn't talk much, but we keep running into people in the store, at the carnival, in a restaurant, who call out, "olivia" = she knows more people than any of the adults in her life !!

    super grandma