Language and Play-Doh

I finally have time for a real post! It's Friday, I'm exhausted and looking forward to the weekend. As I mentioned in my last post, Super O has been sick all week. We stayed home on Monday and Tuesday and haven't slept most of the week. She has seasonal alergies and when they act up, it goes straight to her chest. She gets a horrible cough that likes to show itself after 10pm. I feel so bad for her because there's not much I can do. We go through this about 4 times a year, so we're kinda used to it. We'll get through it just like we always do :)

Super O went for her first language therapy session today. Her therapist, Chris, was very impressed with the progress she's made. Since she last saw her, on 9/25, she's been saying about 4-5 new words regularly. Her big ones are this and that. I'm very proud of her. We're moving onto using two word sentences like "eat food" and "bounce ball". When she uses a word, I'm supposed to add a word to it to make it a sentence. This method works best when the child is completely at ease, like when they're playing. Chris was doing it with her while playing with Play-Doh. Super O doesn't play well with me. She wants me to do something, I do it, then she changes her mind and gets mad at me so I decided to try the Play-Doh route. We stopped at the store and got a 10-pack and some tools.

After dinner, we broke out the Play-Doh. I had soooo much fun with her. We put some music on, hits of the 80's on the cable music channel (she loves 80's music!), and went to town. We made snakes, a snow man, cut-outs of our hands, a road, and bunches of balls. We played for an hour!! I can't remember the last time I played with her like that. I tend to get bogged down in the stress of our life. Between work, bills, housework, dealing with the speech thing and everything else I have to do I sometimes forget to take a few minutes out to appreciate my beautiful gift, Super O. She is such a funny kid! Of course, we used the play time to work on language. At one point, I made her a purple snake with blue eyes. She can say blue and eye so when she pointed at it's eyes, I said "blue eyes". She repeated me and ended up saying it about 5 or 6 times!! Then out of nowhere she pointed at the floor and said "home". I responded "O's home" and "Mommy's home". She repeated "O home" and pointed at herself, then "mama home" and pointed at me! She surprises me each and every day!!

I guess I learned a valuable lesson today. No matter how hard life is or how bad my day was, Super O is the most important thing! By the time we got home today I had been gone for 12 hours and was running the whole time. I just wanted to sit and veg out, but I can't do that! I have to keep going until Super O goes to bed. It doesn't have to be hard. If I just take a few minutes or an hour to stop and just play with her, everything drops into place and I realize why I do what I do. I do it for her! I want her to grow up to be a strong, independent, caring woman. I can only do that by showing her how it's done. She makes me a better person and in turn, I can teach her how to be a good person. It's a cycle. I'm glad I was 32 when I had her. I'm smart enough now to appreciate the gift that she is and the job that I have to do. I love my daughter more than anything in the world and the rest is just gravy...

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  1. believe me when i tell you that in the blink of an eye super O will be 36 yrs old, so don't waste a second !! i was talking to liz the other day, & we decided that our birthdays used to be a year apart, now they are only 6 mos apart, & by the time we are 80, we'll be having a birthday every other day !! the more time that goes by, the faster it goes

    super grandma