Mama's Little Helper!

What's this? Two posts in the same day? Pshaw...

I just had to add this second one to tell about Mama's Little Helper. We went to the laundromat today, which is my most hated place to go in the whole world! Super O was feeling pretty good and Super Nini was taking a nap, so she had to go with me. Now, as you might imagine, a laundromat isn't the most exciting place for a 3yr old, so we got some snacks and had her coloring book and crayons. She was really getting bored by the time the dryers stopped, so she decided to help me. She's really good at getting the clothes out of the lower dryers. This really helps me out because it hurts my back to keep bending down to get the clothes. She decided to try her hand at folding. Now, if she was traveling this would be a good thing because she rolled everything up. It was so cute!!

When we got home from the laundromat, she helped me put everything away. Then it was time to do some dishes. She helped me rinse for a while, then got bored. She went into the living room and a bit later she came back into the kitchen trying to get my attention. I told her I couldn't look right then because I was elbow deep in the dishwater. She left and I went about my business. A while later, I was straightening up and went into the living room. Oh my...Super O had picked up all of her toys and cleaned the living room!! That's what she wanted to show me when I was washing dishes! I felt like a heel! She was so proud of herself and I was too busy to look! I stopped what I was doing and gave her a huge hug and did high fives with her! She's such a big girl now! As a side note, I did redeem myself when we vacuumed. She got to push the big vacuum (not just her little toy one) and I let her coil the cord when we were done.

So, the house is clean...the laundry is done...Super O is sleeping...and mommy is ready for bed too :)

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