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Wow. I didn't realize how long it's been since my last post. This week has been kinda strange, what with my dad (papa) being here. I'm not used to having company in the evening, but dad's been cooking dinner so I'm not complaining!! Let's see, my last entry was on Monday, so I'll break up the week by day...

Tuesday - Kinda boring. Papa made dinner and I got to relax in the evening. Nothing much to report.

Wednesday - Papa picked Super O up from daycare so Mommy could have some "grown up" time. I went out with a bunch of people from work and came home way too late. Super O went to dinner with Papa at the truck stop, one of her favorite restaurants in the world! She had a grilled cheese with fries and ate like a truck driver. Kinda fitting considering where she was :)

Thursday - Papa had dinner ready when we got home again. We were a bit late because we stopped at the farm on the way home. Now, it was the first time I've seen my farmer guy since Saturday, so I was jonesing for a fix :) I'm glad we stopped because he had two new calves, one was born on Wed & one was born late morning on Thursday. The younger of the two was waiting for dinner, so we got to feed it a bottle. I know that may sound like nothing to most of you, but I was really excited. I've never gotten to do anything like that before. Super O was more interested in playing with one of the barn kittens. Oh yea, I also got a "probably" on another date for Friday. When a farmer says "probably" to a date in early fall when he's trying to button up everything before it gets too cold, it's a good day! We got home and went to wash the kitten and calf off of our hands before dinner and Super O started saying "Mow" (pronounced like cow). At first I couldn't figure out what she was saying, then it hit me. She was saying "meow" like the kitten. She's been saying it for days now. Her animal vocabulary now consists of "woo woo" for a dog, "moooooooo" for a cow, and "mow" for a cat.

Friday - Friday was a very good day! We stopped at the farm again and I got a definitly on the date! His sister and brother-in-law decided to join us. The brother-in-law was actually there and I had met him before but I was a little nervous about meeing his big sister. I am a big sister and I can be very protective of my little brother at times. The plan was to go to the raffle drawing for Super O's daycare. I had to be there by 9pm so I could emcee the drawing, so farmer guy agreed to just meet me there when he finished his chores. They ended up getting there at about 9:45. I couldn't believe how excited I was to see him. I think I'm really falling for this guy! We stayed out having a good time until about 2am, then I drove us back to his house. We sat in the car talking until 4am!! The whole time we were talking, all I could think about was "is he gonna kiss me??". Alas, he did not. Somehow we ended up talking about it and he said he didn't want to rush anything, so he was gonna wait until the time was right. Isn't that just too much!! In this day and time (did I really just type that), with everyone rushing to do everything as quickly as possible, he wants to wait for the first kiss!! On the one hand, I can't wait for it to happen but on the other, the waiting just makes everything all the better. So, we ended the date with no kiss, which was fine by me :)

In the meantime, Super O was staying overnight with Nini . Nini's husband wasn't feeling well, so Nini came over at about 7:00 to play. At one point, they were sitting on the couch and Nini was tickling her. Super O would laugh and crawl to the other side of the couch and call my name like she wanted me to save her. Nini kept telling her to say "Mama help". I'd look at her and say "What to you want? Use your words to tell me." Finally, she looked at me and said "hep". Let's see, with the addition of "mow" and "hep" I think her vocabulary is up to around 50 words now!! Pretty soon, we'll be wishing we could get her to be quiet!

Saturday - After getting about 5 hours of sleep, we had a pretty lazy day. We watched a few movies and took a nap. Around 4:00 I decided to go out to the farm and see how my farmer guy was doing. Super O wanted to go see the Mow (kitty) anyway. He looked pretty rough, but he said he didn't regret staying out so late. Did I mention that I think I'm really falling for this guy? We fed the calves again, which was cool because it freed him up to do other things. He wants me to come back today and help with the calves. I told him I'd have to see how the day goes. Don't want him thinking I'm gonna drop everything and run over there whenever ;)

So...that's the week in a nutshell. Sorry for the lapse in posts, but sometimes life just takes over.


  1. i think everyone should have a farmer friend, so they can see how much work & dedication go into farming - but for most farmers, it's not just a job, it's an adventure (oh, wait, i think that's the army) and except for modern conveniences like electricity & milking machines, farming is just like it was a hundred years ago, you still have to get up at 4 am to milk the cows, & do all the other daily farm chores (cows don't stop shitting on the weekends)

    Plus i think it's good for a city girl (born in chicago) like Super O's mom, to see what's it's like on the other side of the fence !! Then she can sing " i can bring home the bacon (literally) fry it up in a pan, & never let you forget you're the man "

    Super Grandma (nini)

  2. Oh Mom your too funny. Wish I had a farmer friend.

    Teri, very proud of you not rushing into this one.


  3. Hey T-

    I tried to post a comment here SUnday night but when I was all done my cable connection went out! I'm back from Colorado and checked in to see about the farmer friend, delighted to hear all the stories of the week, including him. DId he get to see you emcee?

    Anyway, good to take it slow, as you said... It was not a surprise to hear he wanted to get to know you more, take a little more time. My Gf's now husband made her wait 4 dates, and he's a 6'4" golden boy actor handsome hunk...she was dying!

    Anyway, I sent you a longish reply to your letter the day after you sent it, hope you got it. I am not a big fan o fAOL and so I never know if things reach people.

    Sydney (R.)

  4. Hey there -- Just checkin in -- Jackie's website has been void of your presence... you are missed! I figure you are very busy if your Papa is still in town and/or if you've begun to see more of the farmer man. Hope everythings good with you.