Yes...Papa is here! My dad, who lives in Georgia, is here for a two week visit and he's staying with me and Super O. We haven't seen him since last Christmas so I've been preparing Super O by showing her pictures and practicing saying Papa.

He got here just as we got home this evening. He stopped at my brothers house and they all loaded up and headed over. When they got here, Super O's cousins were the first in the house and she kept looking at the door saying "Papa" with a question in her voice. Where was he?? I told her to look out the window and she saw him!!! Finally, he made it into the house. Super O's Papa was here!! This mythical person she had been hearing about was actually in our house! She gave him a big hug and was his best buddy all evening.

I should end this now. It's rude to make blog entry about a person when they're sitting across the room from you :) More to follow...

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  1. can we have a new post ?? Olivia has said several new words in the past few days, plus there's the "little" info about your 2nd date last night, plus info about the fundraiser last night, plus anything else you forgot to tell me about

    Super Grandma (NiNi)