Sick Baby...

Well, Super O has a full blown cold/cough/fever again! She was stuffy and runny last week, but it never got too bad, so I though we had ducked that one. We went shopping yesterday and she skipped her nap, which is no big deal, but by about 7:00 she looked sick. I took her temp and sure enough, it was almost 101. Poor baby! She was still running around like a maniac, but her eyes were all puffy and runny and her nose was just gross! I gave her Tylenol and by 8:30, she had fallen asleep on me in the recliner. She insisted she didn't want to go to bed, and it was Saturday, so I told her she could stay up as long as she sat quietly with me. I knew she would pass out shortly, but she thought she was getting something special by getting to stay up! So far the cough isn't too bad. I have Albuterol and Flovent inhalers for when it gets bad, but I forgot them at her daycare! The good thing is that I have the directors home number (she lives right next door to the center). I can call her if I need the medicine.

Wish us luck! The last few times she got this particular sickness, it took her out for a few days!!

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