Eat the baby?

What to be for Halloween? That's a tall order for little Super O. We went through several options and settled on a baby. I liked this idea because a) it was hers and b) it takes very little preparation to create the costume. Now, what to do with the baby? This was the conversation...

Super Mom: O, what do you want to be for Halloween?
Super O: Baby!
Super Mom: You want to be a baby?
Super O: Yes, me baby...you mommy!
Super Mom: You want to be the baby and I get to be the mommy?
Super O: Yes, you mommy...you eat baby!
Super Mom: You want me to EAT the baby?
Super O: NO...you eat baby!!
Super Mom: O, you want me to EAT the baby?
Super O: NO...EAT (she gave the sign for eating)
Super Mom: Ohhhh...you want me to FEED the baby...

Why am I so stupid? I should have known!


Gettin' Naked!

Super O's speech has improved SOOOOOO much since she started school two weeks ago. I don't know what those teachers are doing with her, but it's working!! This morning, my boyfriend and I realized that we really need to watch what we say around her because she's starting to interject comments into our conversations.

We were on the way to daycare and I was talking to Corey on the phone, he was commenting on how hot and humid it was in the barn so I said "Why don't you just take your clothes off?". Super O piped in from the backseat "Yea Towey, det nettid!" (translation: "Yea Corey, get naked!"). I laughed so hard!!!

Speaking of naked. As I write this post, Super O has stripped to nothing and is commentating on her state of undress. "Me nettid...pee pee...butt". This child is crazy!


Playing Catch Up!

Ok, it's been a while since I posted. I'm sorry. Things have been very busy around here! Before I catch up on the school thing, I have a few funny stories...

Story 1: On Friday, I picked Super O up from daycare. When I walked in her teacher greeted me with "O, we have to talk to mommy". This is never a good thing. Then she suggested we talk in the hallway. This is really never a good thing. We go into the hallway and Super O knows she's in trouble so she starts hugging me. I picked her up as her teacher starts her story...

Teacher: "I went into the kitchen to get snack this afternoon. I put all of the stuff on the ledge of the pass through window and O was sitting at the table with her friends. I came around the corner to go back into the room and O...what did I see?"
Super O: (ignores at first but timidly says) "butt"
Teacher: "Did you and your friends moon me?"
Super O: "Yes..."

If you read my previous post on Moons, you'll understand why I had a moment of panic in my brain. So I asked "Do you know who's idea it was?"...the answer...NOT Super O!! THANK GOD!! Long story short, I had a super talk with Super O and she promised to NEVER moon her teacher again!!

Story 2: Last night I put Super O to bed, nude of course. I went to check on her about 20 minutes later and I noticed something strange. It looked like she was wearing something. I took a few steps into the room and I couldn't figure it out. I went right up to the bed and looked closely. The pillow case wasn't on the pillow...it was on Super O...like a sleeping bag! Yes, she was inside the pillow case, fast asleep!! This is one strange child! :-)

Ok...wanna hear about school now? Today was the first day of 4K (4yr old kindergarten). I took her to daycare and waited for the bus with her two friends who also started 4K today. I was proud of myself because I didn't cry! The bus came, the 3 kids lead the way to the bus stop barely stopping to kiss the 3 poor mommies who walked them out. They marched their little selves onto the bus and never looked back! They didn't need us! They had each other! (Yes, I bawled myself out when I got back into my truck!)

So, that's about all that's going on. Well, there's more but I'll save it for another post. My fingers are tired from all the typing. See ya soon...


My Baby Is Growing Up!! Whaaaaaaa...

Yes...it's that time of year. The beginning of school. Now this hasn't affected me since the 1987-88 school year (my senior year of high school), but this year it affects me in a BIG way!! My little Super O is going to school! I can't believe it's happening. I remember when we moved here to Central WI two years ago. I wasn't concerned with which community we lived in because school didn't matter. I remember saying "I'll deal with the school thing when it happens in a couple of years". Well, it's a couple of years later and I'm having to deal with it.

If you've read this blog from the beginning (last summer) you're aware of Super O's speech delay issues and the problems I've had with our local elementary school. (If not, you can catch up by reading posts from Aug/Sept last year). Anyway, she'll start her Early Childhood classes next Tues, 9/4. They're on Tues/Thurs in the afternoon and she'll be on the little bus. This is also where she'll get her speech therapy. The following Monday, 9/10, she starts 4K (pre-k, 4yr old kindergarten). This is on Mon/Wed/Fri all day and she'll get to ride the big bus with her friends. She's already made a seat deal with Kylie (her new best friend).

We went to an open house for the EC class yesterday and met her teacher (Mrs. Wolfe) and the speech teacher (Mrs. Heil). She loved it! We go next week for the open house in her 4K room and we'll get to meet that teacher too!

I'm not really worried about the whole school thing, it's the bus that has me freaking! This is my tiny little baby girl. She's not big enough to sit on a school bus without her 5-point harness booster seat!! What happens if there's an accident?? In her 4 1/2 years, she's only ridden in cars driven by family members...and not even many of them!! I have to put my baby on a big bus with a stranger driving and no booster seat! Are these people insane???

I know I have to let go and let her grow up. Thousands of 4 & 5 year olds get onto buses every single day of the school year every single year. Those same thousands of children safely get off of those buses too. And yes, I do realize that something bad could happen when I'm driving her around. But at least I'm with her!! I guess all parents have a weird something they worry about and this is mine. Let me have it for now. I'll get over it and move onto something else eventually.

So, congrats to Super O on your first day of school! Mommy will be there to put you on the bus and to walk you to your classroom. I know you'll do just fine!

Sniff...sniff...(does anyone have a Kleenex?)


Sleeping in the Buff!

Okay, so I went to check on Super O before my shower this morning (cuz I'm a good Super Mom). I opened the bedroom door and found her laying sideways on the bed. Something looked amiss... Upon further inspection, I found that Super O was buck naked! Yup...she decided to sleep au natural. Why? Who knows!

This is why I had a child. You never know what you're gonna get! I just love my little Super Peanut!!!


Haircuts and Boys...

Super O has decided that she wants to be a boy. So what did she do? She cut her hair!! She didn't cut it as badly as some kids do, but it was bad enough. Super Nini tried to fix it as best as she could, but it really needed professional help. We went to a kids salon called Snip-Its for her first salon cut.

I asked the hairdresser to give her a Dorothy Hamill circa 1970's cut. As you can see from the pictures, we didn't get exactly what we wanted. I was kinda upset for the first few days, but then I got used to the cut and we both really love it!

Why does Super O want to be a boy? Who knows! She tells everyone "Me boy!" every chance she gets. Most of her friends at daycare are boys, so maybe that's her reason. Maybe she thinks boys have more fun...they get dirty and don't have to wear dresses. Again, who knows! So here we are, Super O is a boy and has a boyish haircut.

p.s. We got Super O's school supply list in the mail today. Super Mom isn't ready for her Super Baby to go to Super School!! Whaaaaaaa!!!!!



Yes, Super O got 2 ponies this weekend! Did I mention what a wonderful man my farmer is? He grew up with horses and decided that Super O needed one of her own. Well, I found an awesome deal where they were trying to unload some horses from a children's camp so I basically got two for the price of one! Here's a few pics...

This is Dusty. He's a 5yr old miniature gelding. He stands 38" at the withers. Isn't he the cutest thing!! Super O was kind of unsure about riding him, but her buddies took a ride and she warmed up to the idea pretty quickly.

This is Windy. She's a 15yr old Shetland Pony mare. She didn't want to be ridden this weekend, so I don't have any "action" shots of Super O yet.

I'll post more about the ponies later. I'm at work and don't want to get in trouble. Shhhhh...don't tell anyone :)



I'm a mooner from way back. Some of my fondest memories of childhood involve me dropping my pants and shining my friends. Don't ask me why, I just think it's funny. So what do I do? I teach Super O to do it too! She knows that it's only appropriate at home with family. It's so cute when she drops 'em and sticks it out. I'm so proud of my baby!


Hide & Seek

Super O loves to play hide & seek. The other evening we were sitting in the reclyner reading with several of her animal toys and she decided we were gonna play hide and seek with them. She wanted me to hide them and she would seek them out. She closed her eyes and put her hands over her eyes while I hid her animals. I hid the small plastic horse between my knees and put some of the other animals over it. She found it pretty quickly, then it was her turn to hide. I closed my eyes and waited...

She decided to hide the horse first...between my thighs....and she was serious. What was I to do except pretend like I couldn't find it.

Aren't kids great!!!



We've been super busy but not a lot has happened. Super O is talking much more. She repeats almost everything she hears. A few weeks ago, Super Nini was talking about work and she mentioned her boss, Tyler. Super O heard her and repeated Tyler with a question in her voice. Ever since then, she says Tyler at the strangest times. Last night I was laying on the couch and she was playing. This was the conversation:

Super O: Tyler
Me: What honey, I can't understand you
Super O: Tyler
Me: What? Tyler??
Super O: Yes, Tyler
Me: What about Tyler?
Super O: Tyler me hi
Me: You want to call Tyler?
Super O: Yes!

So, I did what any Super Mom would do. I called Super Nini...

Super Nini: Hello
Me: Do you have Tyler's home phone number?
Super Nini: Why?
Me: Because O wants to call Tyler.
Super Nini: My granddaughter wants to call my boss at home on Saturday night?
Me: Yes

We both laughed so hard we almost peed!!


A Change In Plans...

Ok...in my last post I told everyone about our new home. Well, it's not happening. It's not a bad thing, it's actually a very good thing!

The farmer and I decided to put off the mobile home and buy a new truck instead. I know...that sounds like a strange trade off, but there is a good reason. My car is falling apart and I drive 30 miles one way for work. I've been seeing tendrils of smoke from my steering column and smelling burning electrical stuff. Not a good thing!!! The land improvement estimates are coming in much higher than we anticipated, so we decided to stay where we are for a year...save money...spend the next 7 months or so paying cash for a septic system, well, & electricity and build a real house next spring. That's the plan anyway. It just didn't make sense to over extend ourselves for a home when we're in a perfectly good place and need a new vehicle. Know what I mean?

The new truck is a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer LT. It's fully loaded with heated leather seats & everything. I never thought I'd be driving a vehicle this nice! What does Super O think about the new truck? Well, as you can see from the picture, it's blue (which is her favorite color) so SHE LOVES IT. This picture isn't our truck but it's close, the only difference is ours has running boards. This is a great thing because Super O can climb in and out on her own. Apparently this is a very big thing for a 4 year old!

So...that's what's going on. We love the truck and our stress level just went down about 10 levels ;)


Yes...We're Moving Again!!

In the past two years we've moved 5 times. The first one was right after Super O's dad left, I couldn't afford the rent in the place we shared with him. The second was when I moved 200 miles north to be by Uncle B's family and we lived with them for 3 months. The third was into our own place and we ended moving from there after 5 months because it was too expensive. The 4th was when we temporarily moved into Nini's house before the place we're at was available. Then we moved into this place. That was last May and I was hoping we'd be here for a while...

...That is until the farmer and I decided to buy a home together!!! Yes...we're going to move in together!! We decided it's the right thing to do and we're jumping in head first! We had been talking about putting some type of home on his farm but didn't think we could afford it because we would have to improve the land. This means digging a well, getting a septic system, having the electric lines run and creating a very long driveway. Well, we were wrong.

Last Saturday we went looking at a local home dealership. You know the kind...mobile homes, modular homes, lots of models to walk through. We found out that mobile homes aren't very expensive and we found one that we fell in love with. I never thought I'd be excited to buy a trailer, but this is the first home I've ever owned! We got a few estimates, went to the bank, and found out that we can most definitly afford to do this now.

We can't start the land improvements for a few weeks because of the crazy weather. The ground has to unthaw and we have to cut for the driveway first. Hopefully we'll be done with everything by mid-June.

The plan is to live in the trailer for about 5 years, pay the loan off and build a house on the site. I'm so unbelievably excited!!

Stay tuned for updates!


Green Acres???

OK...so the farm doesn't really look like this...but am I cut out to be a farmers wife?

A few people have asked for updates on the "thing" with the farmer. Well, I'm happy to say that "things" couldn't be better! We've had a rocky month but we're back on track. I won't go into details about what happened, so let's just say that there were forces working against us and we almost let them win.

OK, back to the question at hand...am I cut out to be a farmers wife? The answer...NO!! First and foremost, farming is hard work and my farmer is in a situation where the milking herd is to big to handle for one person, but not big enough to pay for a second person. Because of this, my farmer ends up working about 14 hour days - 7 days a week - 365 days a year. As you can imagine, this doesn't leave much time for a relationship or any kind of social life. So, what do we do about this? We sell the cows of course! Yes, you heard me right...he's selling the cows. Is he doing this for me/us? No...he decided to do it during our break-up. He was actually planning on selling them and moving about 500 miles away! Second reason I can't be a dairy farmers wife? I really don't enjoy the barn work. I'd much prefer to have my cushy office job and work my 40 hours a week thank you very much!

Anyway, we started talking one night and realized how much we mean to each other...and he started telling me how he wants to sell the cows...and get a regular job...and he wants to buy us a house...and get married...and be Super O's dad...and have babies...and all that mushy stuff!!

We decided to give it another chance and these last two weeks have been some of the happiest in my whole life! He's warm and loving and caring and strong and cute and...well...I feel like we were meant to be together!

OK...how many of you are gagging now? I'm not usually a mushy, girlie, lovey dovey kind of person, but something about that farmer of mine brings it out!

Know anyone who wants to buy a herd of Jerseys? Cuz I know where you can find some...



Super O LOVES television!! Since it's just the two of us, we tend to have the TV on most of the time for background noise. About 1/2 the time we have one of Super O's shows or movies on. Some of her favorites TV shows are; Handy Manny (Playhouse Disney), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Playhouse Disney), Fairly Odd Parents (Nick), Jimmy Neutron (Nick), Magic Schoolbus (Ready, Set, Learn on TLC), and Bigfoot Presents (Ready, Set, Learn on TLC). Her favorite movies are; Chicken Little, Barnyard, Open Season, and Curious George.

But right now, her absolute FAVORITE thing to watch on TV is Peep and the Big Wide World (Ready, Set, Learn on TLC)...otherwise known as "Peep". The show is set in and around a pond, a bush, and a tin can, and follows a newly hatched chicken named Peep, and his friends Chirp and Quack (a robin and a duck), on their daily adventures. One of my favorite parts is that it's narrated by Joan Cusack. I just love Quack because he knows everything and makes sure everyone knows it!

I've been recording Peep for Super O because it comes on just as we're leaving in the morning. As soon as we get home, or sometimes even before we get there, she's asking "Peep?". And my answer is always the same "Yes O, you can watch Peep in a little while". Now that she knows it's on tape, she wants to watch ALL THE TIME!! I guess it could be worse...she could want to watch Spongebob.

So, what do your kids watch?


Bear and the Potty

So, what's new? I think we can safely say that Super O is potty trained now. If you've been reading the blog from the beginning, you know we've been working on this since September. I swear I have the most stubborn child on the face of the earth! Finally, about a month ago, she decided to start using the potty. She did really well for a few weeks, then started backsliding. Two mornings last week, she decided to make #1 in her pants standing right in front of me...as we were trying to get out the door!! I decided that enough was enough and took drastic measures. She has a little stuffed bear that goes EVERYWHERE with her. I told her that if she made pee-pee in her pants again Mommy would take Bear away and she couldn't have him back until she went in the potty. Well, this upset her very much but I was determined to stick to my guns.

When I picked her up from daycare that day, I found out that she peed in her pants standing in the bathroom. Not an accident, a deliberate act of "I am not peeing in the toilet". So, what did I do? I took Bear. Super O was very irate that I had actually done this, but it was what I said would happen if she didn't go in the toilet. Bear rode home in the front seat with me and went on the shelf in my bedroom when we got home. Super O was beside herself with grief. I told her if she made pee-pee on the potty, she could have Bear back. Well, she decided it was worth a try. Afterall, Bear is her best friend and she'd do anything for him. She went in the bathroom and sat there for about 5 minutes. I think she was ready to give up when it happened...tinkle in the toilet!! She was so happy when she was reunited with her long, lost friend a few minutes later!! It was a tear jerking moment for all involved.

That was last Thursday. Since then, we've had one accident (on Friday) and it was really an accident. She was busy playing, realized she had to go, ran to the bathroom and couldn't get her pants down fast enough. She looked at me when she realized what had happened and said "No Bear" with a very sad look. I told her that I wouldn't take Bear away because it was an accident. She tried to go and didn't make it. She was so relieved!! Since that time, she's been dry day and night. We still do pull-ups for naps and nighttime, but she wakes up dry. I think I'll get a mattress protector next week and try her in panties overnight. It's about time, but she finally did it! I'm so proud of my little girl!

On a side note, things are back on with the farmer. We've been talking all week and he's made some positive changes in his life. We're totally in love and have decided to try to make it work. We both made mistakes, we've learned from them and hopefully we can move forward from here. I'll keep everyone posted on our progress.
One more thing...I know you people are looking at the blog because my site meter tells me I'm getting hits. Why aren't you leaving comments? I'd love to hear from all of you!!


Super O and the "Baby"???

This is a picture of Super O and a doll...but what if the baby were real?

The other night Super O was being silly and showing me her tummy. I reached out to tickle her and she got all serious on me, pointed to her stomach and said "Baby". I was a little confused, so I asked her "Do you have a baby in your tummy?". Of course, she said "Yes". Now you can imagine how funny this was. Here is my little 4yr old daughter trying to tell me she has a baby in her tummy. At first I couldn't figure out why she would think that, then it hit me...Super O's favorite teacher is having a baby in June. She's a small woman with a little round tummy...just like Super O's tummy. She thinks she has a baby in there because her teacher has one!!! I tried to explain that there's no baby in her tummy because she's just a little girl, but she won't have any of that! She insists there's a baby in there. I can tell by the look on her face that she knows there's no baby, but she likes to pretend so I figure I'll just go along with it. What harm can it really do? I'd just like to know who the father is ;)


The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre

My friend sent me a link to The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre today. This is one of the funniest websites I've ever seen. It's cartoon bunnies doing 30-second reenactments of blockbuster movies. My favorites are Jaws, The Shining, and Brokeback Mountain. Apparently the bunnies are featured on Starz! but I wasn't able to find them on their website.

Let me know what you think! Be sure to pass it along to anyone you think needs a smile...


Happy Birthday to Super O!

Ok...where did I leave off last fall? Well Super O turned 4 during the internet/blog hiatus. Her birthday was in December. We had a party for her with the family and she got tons of new toys. Well, Christmas was 5 days later, so she cleaned up pretty good. She got a bunch of new art materials so she's been coloring and cutting up a storm. She's pretty good with a pair of scissors. She cuts much better than she colors.

Super O is doing absolutely wonderful. She's talking much more and thriving! I applied for Open Enrollment so I'm hoping she gets accepted at the "other" school district for fall. She has an early childhood evaluation with them and the principal of the elem school said they very rarely deny anyone in Open Enrollment. I can't believe my baby is gonna start pre-K in the fall. She's just my little baby!!!

Things with the farmer didn't work out. He has too many issues and it just couldn't work. He's a wonderful person, but unless he works on himself, he can't be happy with anyone.

Let's see... I quit smoking in January, got contacts a few weeks ago, and joined Weight Watchers. I felt like I needed to make some changes. Ya know when you just feel like you're in a rut. Well, I was there and winter hasn't helped any. We're both doing great and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!

Isn't it funny that it's been 4 months since I've been gone and I can't think of anything else to write about. Life just goes so quickly and nothing really happens...


We're Back!!

So, I lost my internet connection in October because Super O's dad decided to be a deadbeat again and I stopped getting support payments. I had to decide between cable TV and internet to make up the difference. As you can guess, Super O couldn't live without Disney Channel, so Super Mom lost the internet. Anyway, we're back and hopefully I can get everyone caught up soon!

Stay tuned...