Bear and the Potty

So, what's new? I think we can safely say that Super O is potty trained now. If you've been reading the blog from the beginning, you know we've been working on this since September. I swear I have the most stubborn child on the face of the earth! Finally, about a month ago, she decided to start using the potty. She did really well for a few weeks, then started backsliding. Two mornings last week, she decided to make #1 in her pants standing right in front of me...as we were trying to get out the door!! I decided that enough was enough and took drastic measures. She has a little stuffed bear that goes EVERYWHERE with her. I told her that if she made pee-pee in her pants again Mommy would take Bear away and she couldn't have him back until she went in the potty. Well, this upset her very much but I was determined to stick to my guns.

When I picked her up from daycare that day, I found out that she peed in her pants standing in the bathroom. Not an accident, a deliberate act of "I am not peeing in the toilet". So, what did I do? I took Bear. Super O was very irate that I had actually done this, but it was what I said would happen if she didn't go in the toilet. Bear rode home in the front seat with me and went on the shelf in my bedroom when we got home. Super O was beside herself with grief. I told her if she made pee-pee on the potty, she could have Bear back. Well, she decided it was worth a try. Afterall, Bear is her best friend and she'd do anything for him. She went in the bathroom and sat there for about 5 minutes. I think she was ready to give up when it happened...tinkle in the toilet!! She was so happy when she was reunited with her long, lost friend a few minutes later!! It was a tear jerking moment for all involved.

That was last Thursday. Since then, we've had one accident (on Friday) and it was really an accident. She was busy playing, realized she had to go, ran to the bathroom and couldn't get her pants down fast enough. She looked at me when she realized what had happened and said "No Bear" with a very sad look. I told her that I wouldn't take Bear away because it was an accident. She tried to go and didn't make it. She was so relieved!! Since that time, she's been dry day and night. We still do pull-ups for naps and nighttime, but she wakes up dry. I think I'll get a mattress protector next week and try her in panties overnight. It's about time, but she finally did it! I'm so proud of my little girl!

On a side note, things are back on with the farmer. We've been talking all week and he's made some positive changes in his life. We're totally in love and have decided to try to make it work. We both made mistakes, we've learned from them and hopefully we can move forward from here. I'll keep everyone posted on our progress.
One more thing...I know you people are looking at the blog because my site meter tells me I'm getting hits. Why aren't you leaving comments? I'd love to hear from all of you!!


  1. Just wanted to say that I love reading about you and Super O. Hope you'll continue writing!


  2. Hey T-

    This is a technical question...

    I would love to monitor my site meter, but how do I do that? Is it just the number of hits to the profile that you are watching or is there something else I have not discovered about Beta Blogging -- a shortcut I should know?

    PS: I'll be looking forward to hearing more about you and the farmer! ;-D

    Thanks, Sydney

  3. Sydney -- I sent you an email to the AOL address I have from October. I'll make an entry about the farmer soon ;)

    Sky -- Thanks for the comment. I was about to give up on the blog when I read what you wrote. At least I know somebody is reading this thing :)