A Change In Plans...

Ok...in my last post I told everyone about our new home. Well, it's not happening. It's not a bad thing, it's actually a very good thing!

The farmer and I decided to put off the mobile home and buy a new truck instead. I know...that sounds like a strange trade off, but there is a good reason. My car is falling apart and I drive 30 miles one way for work. I've been seeing tendrils of smoke from my steering column and smelling burning electrical stuff. Not a good thing!!! The land improvement estimates are coming in much higher than we anticipated, so we decided to stay where we are for a year...save money...spend the next 7 months or so paying cash for a septic system, well, & electricity and build a real house next spring. That's the plan anyway. It just didn't make sense to over extend ourselves for a home when we're in a perfectly good place and need a new vehicle. Know what I mean?

The new truck is a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer LT. It's fully loaded with heated leather seats & everything. I never thought I'd be driving a vehicle this nice! What does Super O think about the new truck? Well, as you can see from the picture, it's blue (which is her favorite color) so SHE LOVES IT. This picture isn't our truck but it's close, the only difference is ours has running boards. This is a great thing because Super O can climb in and out on her own. Apparently this is a very big thing for a 4 year old!

So...that's what's going on. We love the truck and our stress level just went down about 10 levels ;)


  1. Nice truck!! I think it's great that things are going well for you. I am getting married in November and have two kids, and he has three, so, I guess it happens. A little scary, but I'm jumping in too! I'll send you a note - Karen

  2. OK - couldn't send you a message, so I'll leave it here. I grew up in DePere, my parents now live in Green Bay, my sister near Milwaukee, my brother in Twin Cities, and I'm here in DC. Had to run away a bit (20 years ago), still here. I have a blog, but it's mostly about adding an addition my house to show my family, so I don't post it. I'll send it to you after I finish posting the latest stuff. Karen

  3. If your stress levels went down about 10 nothces that's the best indication this was the right thing to do. Is he going to move in where you are or are you moving in where he is? And I'm wondering what he is going to do with the farm, since your post about the farming life not being fo ryou, and being a bit too much for him, especially when trying to make quality time for you and Super O... is he still going to do that or is he selling it?

    The car looks great... I got the seat warmers too.. I never needed any gadgets but I am now addicted to that one...makes ALL the difference on those cold mornings trying to get to work. Kinda like you are still in your warm bed!