Yes...We're Moving Again!!

In the past two years we've moved 5 times. The first one was right after Super O's dad left, I couldn't afford the rent in the place we shared with him. The second was when I moved 200 miles north to be by Uncle B's family and we lived with them for 3 months. The third was into our own place and we ended moving from there after 5 months because it was too expensive. The 4th was when we temporarily moved into Nini's house before the place we're at was available. Then we moved into this place. That was last May and I was hoping we'd be here for a while...

...That is until the farmer and I decided to buy a home together!!! Yes...we're going to move in together!! We decided it's the right thing to do and we're jumping in head first! We had been talking about putting some type of home on his farm but didn't think we could afford it because we would have to improve the land. This means digging a well, getting a septic system, having the electric lines run and creating a very long driveway. Well, we were wrong.

Last Saturday we went looking at a local home dealership. You know the kind...mobile homes, modular homes, lots of models to walk through. We found out that mobile homes aren't very expensive and we found one that we fell in love with. I never thought I'd be excited to buy a trailer, but this is the first home I've ever owned! We got a few estimates, went to the bank, and found out that we can most definitly afford to do this now.

We can't start the land improvements for a few weeks because of the crazy weather. The ground has to unthaw and we have to cut for the driveway first. Hopefully we'll be done with everything by mid-June.

The plan is to live in the trailer for about 5 years, pay the loan off and build a house on the site. I'm so unbelievably excited!!

Stay tuned for updates!


  1. This is wonderful news! Congratulations and the very best of luck to all of you.


  2. WOO HOO! I could not believe my eyes when I read this, so I read it twice! Wow, what a difference a few months make! COngratulations, that' struly exciting! We need a picture of the farmer.... Not sure if you can do it, but hey, it doesn't hurt to ask!!!!