I'm a mooner from way back. Some of my fondest memories of childhood involve me dropping my pants and shining my friends. Don't ask me why, I just think it's funny. So what do I do? I teach Super O to do it too! She knows that it's only appropriate at home with family. It's so cute when she drops 'em and sticks it out. I'm so proud of my baby!


Hide & Seek

Super O loves to play hide & seek. The other evening we were sitting in the reclyner reading with several of her animal toys and she decided we were gonna play hide and seek with them. She wanted me to hide them and she would seek them out. She closed her eyes and put her hands over her eyes while I hid her animals. I hid the small plastic horse between my knees and put some of the other animals over it. She found it pretty quickly, then it was her turn to hide. I closed my eyes and waited...

She decided to hide the horse first...between my thighs....and she was serious. What was I to do except pretend like I couldn't find it.

Aren't kids great!!!



We've been super busy but not a lot has happened. Super O is talking much more. She repeats almost everything she hears. A few weeks ago, Super Nini was talking about work and she mentioned her boss, Tyler. Super O heard her and repeated Tyler with a question in her voice. Ever since then, she says Tyler at the strangest times. Last night I was laying on the couch and she was playing. This was the conversation:

Super O: Tyler
Me: What honey, I can't understand you
Super O: Tyler
Me: What? Tyler??
Super O: Yes, Tyler
Me: What about Tyler?
Super O: Tyler me hi
Me: You want to call Tyler?
Super O: Yes!

So, I did what any Super Mom would do. I called Super Nini...

Super Nini: Hello
Me: Do you have Tyler's home phone number?
Super Nini: Why?
Me: Because O wants to call Tyler.
Super Nini: My granddaughter wants to call my boss at home on Saturday night?
Me: Yes

We both laughed so hard we almost peed!!