We've been super busy but not a lot has happened. Super O is talking much more. She repeats almost everything she hears. A few weeks ago, Super Nini was talking about work and she mentioned her boss, Tyler. Super O heard her and repeated Tyler with a question in her voice. Ever since then, she says Tyler at the strangest times. Last night I was laying on the couch and she was playing. This was the conversation:

Super O: Tyler
Me: What honey, I can't understand you
Super O: Tyler
Me: What? Tyler??
Super O: Yes, Tyler
Me: What about Tyler?
Super O: Tyler me hi
Me: You want to call Tyler?
Super O: Yes!

So, I did what any Super Mom would do. I called Super Nini...

Super Nini: Hello
Me: Do you have Tyler's home phone number?
Super Nini: Why?
Me: Because O wants to call Tyler.
Super Nini: My granddaughter wants to call my boss at home on Saturday night?
Me: Yes

We both laughed so hard we almost peed!!

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