Haircuts and Boys...

Super O has decided that she wants to be a boy. So what did she do? She cut her hair!! She didn't cut it as badly as some kids do, but it was bad enough. Super Nini tried to fix it as best as she could, but it really needed professional help. We went to a kids salon called Snip-Its for her first salon cut.

I asked the hairdresser to give her a Dorothy Hamill circa 1970's cut. As you can see from the pictures, we didn't get exactly what we wanted. I was kinda upset for the first few days, but then I got used to the cut and we both really love it!

Why does Super O want to be a boy? Who knows! She tells everyone "Me boy!" every chance she gets. Most of her friends at daycare are boys, so maybe that's her reason. Maybe she thinks boys have more fun...they get dirty and don't have to wear dresses. Again, who knows! So here we are, Super O is a boy and has a boyish haircut.

p.s. We got Super O's school supply list in the mail today. Super Mom isn't ready for her Super Baby to go to Super School!! Whaaaaaaa!!!!!


  1. super O has a super new haircut, it also took me a few days to get used to it, love it

    "our" baby can't go to school yet, she's way too young !! let's keep her a baby for a few more years !!

    super O - you go girl !!

  2. Very sassy haircut for Super O!


    Thanks for your shout-out on Jackie's blog-- just to let you know, those glitter-lips are from my drag alter-ego, Madame Glinka-- she'd probably frighten you even more, lol!

  3. HAHAHA, hey its allright. we all have our days....weeks..years??? TIMES!! HAHA ya i remember those days... goooood times gooooood times, then i grew up, found the magic of make up, clothing style and got a life!!!! HAHAHAHA
    mmmk, talk to ya later player
    luv yas

  4. I love the cut!!!

    My niece did the same thing and it looks very similar!!!