Gettin' Naked!

Super O's speech has improved SOOOOOO much since she started school two weeks ago. I don't know what those teachers are doing with her, but it's working!! This morning, my boyfriend and I realized that we really need to watch what we say around her because she's starting to interject comments into our conversations.

We were on the way to daycare and I was talking to Corey on the phone, he was commenting on how hot and humid it was in the barn so I said "Why don't you just take your clothes off?". Super O piped in from the backseat "Yea Towey, det nettid!" (translation: "Yea Corey, get naked!"). I laughed so hard!!!

Speaking of naked. As I write this post, Super O has stripped to nothing and is commentating on her state of undress. "Me nettid...pee pee...butt". This child is crazy!

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