Eat the baby?

What to be for Halloween? That's a tall order for little Super O. We went through several options and settled on a baby. I liked this idea because a) it was hers and b) it takes very little preparation to create the costume. Now, what to do with the baby? This was the conversation...

Super Mom: O, what do you want to be for Halloween?
Super O: Baby!
Super Mom: You want to be a baby?
Super O: Yes, me baby...you mommy!
Super Mom: You want to be the baby and I get to be the mommy?
Super O: Yes, you mommy...you eat baby!
Super Mom: You want me to EAT the baby?
Super O: NO...you eat baby!!
Super Mom: O, you want me to EAT the baby?
Super O: NO...EAT (she gave the sign for eating)
Super Mom: Ohhhh...you want me to FEED the baby...

Why am I so stupid? I should have known!

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