Happy Holidays!

Christmas was here and now it's gone. We had a wonderful holiday packed with presents, food and good company. Super O! was really into Santa this year, so it was especially fun.

I have some video and pictures to post when I find the time to get them off of the cameras. While you're waiting, here's the loot we left for Santa on Christmas morning.

Santa even left her a note in the card she left for him! Oh my!

Schatzi even had a moment of Holiday cheer and let Super O! love on her. She's not happy that I got it on camera!

And...since Santa has come & gone, Super O! thinks she doesn't have to be good anymore. Look out everyone!

(The pictures were taken with my Blackberry phone, so please excuse the poor quality.)



Super O! had her party on Saturday. We decided to do it at the bowling alley and it was the first time she had her friends at a party. I kept it small, only allowing her to invite 6 friends. As you can see from the pictures, most of her friends are boys which is not surprising if you know my child. It was a huge success!

The cast of characters...

(From left to right - Back row: Tyler, Kyle, Jacob H., Jacob K.; Front row: Kylie, Super O!, Addyson)

Here she is helping Addyson get the hang of bowling. She's only 4 ya know!

And last but not least. Here's Super O! bowling. Not sure what she's doing on the floor, but...


Shhhh...it's a secret...

Guess what Super O! is getting for Christmas?

Now, I know what you're thinking. "That's for ORKMommy, not Super O!" Well, you're a little bit right and a little bit wrong. I want the Wii Fit for exercise, but Super O! loves it for the fun games. She loves the downhill skiing and you should see her doing the hula hoop game. So, this is probably more of a family present, but with times the way they are I'm just gonna pass it off as a Super O! present!

p.s. Her birthday party on Saturday was a huge success. I'll post more as soon as I get the pictures & video on the computer...



We have about a dozen post cards coming from different areas of the country. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help Super O! and her Kindergarten class. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read this.

Also, thank you for the well wishes for my mom. She's doing fine. She did find out that her right lung was bruised but she hasn't had any side effects so that's good. We found out that the other person did indeed have insurance. She was planning on buying a new car in the spring so this just moved up her plans a bit. She'll probably get more money to put down than she would have gotten on a trade too. Again, if you don't know what I'm talking about, read this.

Thanks to everyone from Super O! and Super Nini!


Super O! Needs YOU!!!


I'm the Gingerbread Man. My friend, Super O!, was reading a story about me in kindergarten. I decided to jump out of the storybook and come visit you. I know my friends back at Edgar Elemebtary School are wondering where I ran.

Please help them by sending them a picture postcard depicting something about the area where you live. The class will hang the postcard on a large map of the United States. This will help them in their study of the United States by showing them what different parts of the country look like. Later this year, my friend will get to take the postcard home.

You can mail it to:

Email me at orkmommy@gmail.com and I'll send you the address

I know my friends will enjoy hearing from you and learning where I have run!

Thank you for your help. Gotta run!
The Gingerbread Man


Poor Nini!

Super O!'s grandma, Nini, was in a car accident yesterday morning on her way to work. She's okay, but her car isn't!

She was traveling down the main highway, about 45-50 mph, and it had snowed the night before. A car with high-schoolers was coming down a side road and apparently didn't give themselves enough time to stop with the ice & snow. They went right through the stop sign and hit her. She slid about 100' at an angle and landed in the ditch. The ditch was about 6-8' deep and very steep. Had she hit the ditch sideways, I'm positive the car would have flipped over.

She was taken to the hospital by ambulance just to be checked out and everything was fine. Both airbags deployed but she has major soreness in her right shoulder from being hit by the airbag.

The thing I don't get is that of the 3 kids in the car, and the mother who was on the scene within minutes, only the younger boy (about 12yrs old) showed any concern for her. To this very minute, nobody has called to see how she's doing or what the extent of her injuries were. Wouldn't you call to see how the other person was doing if you slammed into their car?

She's fine now, but her car isn't. And I'm pretty pissed off!


She's so funny!

Story 1:
The other day, Super O! and I were going over some of her school work. The page looked like this:

There were several pages with different letters and pictures. We were looking at one and she couldn't think of the word for the picture. This happens to her frequently because of her speech delay. She knows what the picture is, but she just can't find the word. I could tell she was thinking very hard because of her face. She finally looked at me and said "I need to open my brain".

Not sure where she got that, but I told her that mommy feels the same way all the time. Don't you wish you could open your brain and find what you're looking for?

Story 2:
A few days ago, Corey came into the house for lunch and he & Super O! were running around playing with each other. Since it was the weekend, Super O! was still in her fleece footie pajamas. After a while, his back started hurting so he laid on the floor on his stomach to stretch it out. Of course, Super O! climbed on his back so he could give her a horsey ride. He got up on his hands & knees and started to go and she yelled "Wait!!!" and climbed down. She ran into her bedroom and came out a minute later wearing her horseback riding helmet. She climbed back onto his back and said "Ok, now go!". (No, I didn't get a picture...I couldn't find the camera and they quit too soon.)

Story 3:
Super O! has started writing things other than her name. A few weeks ago, before my dad made the trip up from GA for Thanksgiving, she wanted to write PAPA. I helped her the first few times and now she's a pro. The other day, I got out of the shower and she was waiting for me. She said "Mom, come look! I wrote Papa!". I said "Good job honey" and went to see her work...on the wall, in the hallway, next to the bathroom door!


We are the champions....AGAIN!!!

Yes, our boys did it! The Stratford Tigers are the 7-time WIAA State Champions for Division 6!! This was the 6th year in a row that they've done it too. No other team in the history of WIAA football has ever won 6 in a row, or even 7 total!!! I can't believe how amazing the football program in Stratford is!!

It was cold in Madison, but we bundled up and it was so worth it. Congrats to the Stratford Tigers! We love you guys!

p.s. My nephew, Josh, was the leading defensive player of the game. He had 10 tackles, 7 individual and 3 assisted. He's such a bad ass! :-)

Update: Josh was named Defensive MVP for the game!!!


High School Football!

Super O! has two male cousins, Josh & Joe, who are huge sports buffs. They play sports, they watch sports, they play sports on their Playstations and XBoxes, they talk about sports...well, you get the drift.

Josh is a junior in high school and has been on both the varsity football & basketball teams since he was a freshman. His high school has won the WI State Championship for their division for the last 5 years in a row and they're going back for #6 tomorrow. Their opponent? A school from a neighboring town that they've had a very long rivalry with. As a matter of fact, it's the school that Super O! is attending. It's also the school that beat them in regular season play and took the Conference Title away from them.

This is a huge deal for our family because one of our own is a star on the team. In their semi-final game last Saturday, Josh kicked the winning field goal and cemented their place in the championship game! After the winning field goal, he was interviewed for the local news and there are tons of write-ups and pictures in the local papers. Our little boy is a star!

Now, I'm not a sports fanatic and I don't really get into football at all but I am totally pumped for the game tomorrow. I arranged to work on Saturday so I could get tomorrow off and we're driving to Madison to watch the big game. So, please keep our Stratford Tigers in your thoughts tomorrow and maybe say a little prayer for them. After the legacy left to them by their upper classmen, they have a lot of pressure to keep the winning streak alive. And the team they're playing beat them in the regular season.

Edit: I forgot to mention that my wonderful friend is babysitting Super O! on Saturday so that I can make up the hours I'll be missing tomorrow. She's the bestest friend ever!!!


What's that over in the sidebar?

I recently became aware of a program through Amazon.com where you can put a link on your blog and if someone uses the link to shop at Amazon, the blog owner can get a small kickback on the sale. Usually I'm opposed to these things...I didn't start this blog to make money after all. I decided to give this a try because one of the payment options they offer is an Amazon Gift Card instead of an outright payment. I have several learning aids (books, DVD's etc) that I'm looking at for Super O! to help with her language skills so I thought I'd see if this could work for me.

IF you plan on shopping at Amazon.com anyway, please consider using the link in my sidebar under the Amazon? heading. It won't cost you anything and we'd really appreciate it.

As Super O! would say "Tanks!"


This apple fell on top of the tree...

I had Super O!'s parent/teacher conference last night. She's doing well in school, but struggles because of her speech delay. With all things considered, she's doing better than expected. One of the things her teacher said is that when it's time to do her work, she's more interested in what her friends are doing and making sure they're actually doing it than in her own work. Because of this, she requires a lot of supervision. When the task is an individual task, she usually fails because she doesn't listen to the directions and does whatever will get her done the fastest...so she can socialize.

When I called Nini to give her the update on Super O! she laughed. Not because she thought it was funny mind you, but because she heard the same exact things from my teachers when I was in elementary school!

After dinner, I had a talk with Super O! to let her know that it's okay to play with her friends but when it's time to work, she needs to concentrate and do HER work. She looked at me with a sad face, like she was in trouble. I told her "Don't worry honey, Mommy was the same way when I was a little girl. I know how hard it is to do the work, but you're just gonna have to do it." She smiled, threw her arms around me and said "I love you Mom!!!"


Coupla Things...

The other night we had chicken for dinner. Super O! finished her leg and wanted to climb onto the couch where I was playing a computer game. I told her to go wash her hands first because they were covered in greasy chicken. A few seconds later she was still leaning against the couch so I told her to go wash her hands again. She looked at me with this 'DUH' look on her face and said "Mom, it's okay...Schatzi licked them!". I replied "Schatzi licks her own butt and eats poo. Now you have chicken, Schatzi's butt and poo on your hands. GO WASH THEM!". She looked at her hands in disgust and ran to the bathroom!

Super O! didn't really get the whole election thing but then again, she's only 5. I took her with me to vote and after we left the polling place I tried to explain what we just did. I told her "The president is like the boss of the whole country." She was okay with this explanation. A minute later she said "Mom, I'm gonna be the president!". I said "Baby, you can be whatever you want!".

As you can see from the button on the right, I'm an Obama supporter. I was so excited to see our country come together for one cause and vote the right person into office. I'm not so naive that I think he's going to be able to change everything in 4 years, but I think he has the right ideas. He's a 'normal' person just like the rest of us. He really 'gets it'. I'm so proud that Super O! will grow up not remembering a time when a minority could be the president! President Elect Obama, I salute you and wish you all the best in bringing our country back to the way it should be!


Happy Halloween! Arrrrgh...

Super O! has decided to be a pirate this year. She's been very much into pirates since International Talk Like A Pirate Day. They did some fun pirate stuff at school and it's just stuck with her.

Last night we tried on the whole costume to make sure everything worked together and here are the results...

Isn't she adorable! Just don't tell her I said that because pirates are NOT adorable!

While we were taking the pictures off the camera, I came across this.

Don't tell Schatzi, but I have proof that she likes Super O! sometimes!



Super O!'s latest thing is "Somebody (insert action here)". She says things like "Somebody help me" or "Somebody make Buddy get off the chair" or "Will somebody get me a drink?". The problem with this is that most of the time it's just the two of us. Her somebody is me. Is it wrong that I'd like to be called Mom instead of somebody? Usually when she says "Somebody" I'll ask her, "And by somebody, do you mean me?".

That kid...I tell ya!


Bad Mom Turned Good!

This morning I dropped Super O! off at her classroom. While we were putting her things away, I noticed several of her friends had envelopes with quarters clanking away. I knew they were doing face painting during lunch because of a big football game tonight, so I didn't think much of it because Super O! doesn't like to have her face painted. We finished our task, I kissed her goodbye and started walking towards the door. On my way, I overheard a few older students talking about the popcorn sale. The middle school students have popcorn sales frequently to raise money, but I had no idea there was a sale today. When I got to my truck, I found 50 cents and went back to give it to Super O! so she could get popcorn. I got to the classroom and saw all the kids lined up at the door waiting to walk to the office to get their tickets for the face painting and popcorn. All of the kids except for Super O! She was standing at the back of the line, off to the side, all by herself with an "I don't have money so I can't go" look on her face. My heart broke! She was the ONLY kid not in line! I walked up to her, gave her the money and asked if she wanted to get popcorn. Super O!'s face lit up like a Christmas tree. She grabbed me around the legs in a huge bear hug, looked up at my face and said "THANKS MOMMY!". I kissed her goodbye, told her to enjoy her snack and left.

As I walked back to my truck, I remembered being left out because my parents forgot something or didn't have the money for it. I never want Super O! to have to be that kid. I'm sure there will be times that I just forget, but I hope they're very few and far between.

Did that ever happen to you when you were a kid or have you ever forgotten to send something to school for your kids so they wouldn't be left out?


New Shoes?

We had a wedding to go to on Saturday which meant new clothes for me & Corey. We went to ShopKo where they have a PayLess Shoe Source. I was trying on shoes and Super O! asked where her shoes were. I told her we weren't looking for shoes for her right now, so she improvised.

I wasn't paying attention to her and didn't notice that she had decided to try on Women's size 8 1/2's until a lady came down the aisle and said "Oh my, what pretty shoes you have on". This is what she was walking around in...

Somebody call the fashion police!

I can't wait...

Until Super O! is old enough to appreciate this song with me!



So, yesterday Super O! brought home a long string of pale yellow yarn from school. I'm not sure why, but it was in her backpack. While I was getting the table ready for dinner, she brought me a section she had cut and asked me to tape it to her head. Yes, I said "tape it to her head". I explained that taping wasn't a good idea and convinced her that tying it in the back was better. I tied her headband and she was on her way.

About 5 minutes later, she comes back with a piece of white paper that she had cut into sort of a rectangle and a piece of tape. She wanted me to add it to her headband to make an eye patch! I taped it over her right eye and she went on her way again.

A while later, dinner was ready so we all sat down to eat. Super O! sat there with her make shift eye patch and the only thing she would say was "Aaargh". Corey asked if she was an Indian (yea, he's kinda clueless sometimes) and she gave him this look...

I explained that she's a pirate. Duh...

p.s. Guess what her latest request is for her Halloween costume!


NOT A Little Lady!

I finally got copies of the pictures Super O!'s t-ball coach took of the team. Super O! is the little blond in the first row, right side.

This is the zoomed in version.

Isn't she such a lady?!


School Update!

Last night was the Kindergarten Parents Meeting at Super O!'s school. The teachers explained the plan for the year; discipline, curriculum, special programs, etc. As I sat there listening, I thought "There is no way she's going to be able to keep up with her speech delay". I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. My poor baby!

After the meeting, I had the opportunity to speak to her teacher. I expressed my concerns and Mrs. C said not to worry. She has a plan in place to "make sure she goes to 1st grade with her friends if it's the last thing I do!!!". This is the plan...

Super O's school has a Title 1 Reading Program teacher, Mrs. S. Mrs. C was able to arrange for Super O! to have 1-on-1 time with Mrs. S for 15 minutes each morning where they go over the reading program for the day. Right now they're working on letter comprehension. After her time with Mrs. S, she goes through the regular program with the other kids and Mrs. C. Then, after lunch she has a 30 minute 1-on-1 session with the Speech & Language teacher, Mrs. H. All three teachers are focusing on the exact same things with her THREE separate times in the day. They incorporate songs, dancing, play acting and whatever else will make it fun for Super O!. Right now they're working on the letters in her name, M and S.

Mrs. C and I came up with a plan for her to send something home each day so I can continue to go over her material with her at home. Last night, we played "Letter Scavenger Hunt". I showed her what M looks like and she found EVERYTHING in the house that contained the letter. We then moved on to S and she absolutely loved the game. Mrs. C also suggested I introduce the Letter Fairy. Basically, the Letter Fairy leaves a card under Super O!'s pillow each night with a letter on it. We practice sounding out that letter and finding words that start with it. Last night was the first night the Letter Fairy came and Super O! was super excited.

Hopefully this will work for her. I spent part of my work day creating cards from the Letter Fairy. What do you think?



Why are the hours left in my countdown's an hour apart? I can't figure that out...

Why does Super O! think she only needs to feed the dogs once every few days?

Why do men think it's okay to leave their dirty dishes, socks, underwear, shoes, etc. all over the house for us women to clean up?

Why do people who don't stop at stop signs and almost hit you give you a dirty look when you beep at them?

Why do cashiers insist on getting to know every person in their line when the store is at it's busiest?

Why do stupid people think they're smart?

Why do I keep posting on this blog when I don't get much traffic?

Why do people think they can send nasty emails to the author of a blog when they don't agree with their posts?

Why do we have to give a two week notice when we leave a job? It's not like we work during the last two weeks...

These are just a few of the things I'm wondering about right now. Got any of your own?


Gadgets, Widgets and Flash...Oh My!

I am by no means a web developer, but I have picked up a few things in my time. I'm also not into clutter (just don't look at my house!). I don't like those websites that take forever to load on a super fast broadband connection because they have so many widgets, gadgets, flash elements and graphics. I like clean pretty stuff.

With all that said, I was surfing around and found those two nifty counters over on the left side. I think they're kinda cool and fun. Like 'em?

So, in however many days it says, you can send lots of presents for me & Super O! to enjoy for our birthdays!

In lieu of presents, you can send cash!


Those two magic words..."Thank You"

I was reading an article on CNN.com about the 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon when I remembered something that happened to us on Friday night.

I was in the Wendy’s with Super O! on our “date night”. She was trying to get through her hamburger so she could have her Frosty and I was gobbing the sour cream on my baked potato. I looked up and saw an older gentleman at the condiment counter and the whole evening changed for me. The gentleman was wearing a retired Marine hat and t-shirt and was leaning on a cane. He started walking back to his table so I got up and followed him. When he reached his table, where his wife and young daughter were waiting for him, he turned around and looked at me. I held my hand out to shake his and said “I don’t mean to disturb your meal, but I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You”. He took my hand, looked me deeply in the eyes and said “Your Welcome”. With that, I walked away.

I went to the counter to get Super O's Frosty and he followed me. When he got to the counter he turned to me and said “Ma’am, that young man working the drive-thru is also a Marine”. I waited a moment until the young man came near me and said “Excuse me but I just thanked that gentleman for his service and he told me you’re a Marine too. I just wanted to say Thank You.” That young man also looked me deeply in the eyes and said “Your Welcome and thank you for recognizing our service”.

As I walked back to my table with tears in my eyes, I passed the older gentleman’s wife who mouthed the words “Thank You” to me. I stopped to tell her that I always thank service people when I see them, but I can’t do it without tearing up. You see, I have a little girl and I understand that our men and women are serving our country for her future. A future where she can be free to reach whatever goals she sets for herself. With that, I got all choked up and couldn’t speak so I waved goodbye and walked back to my table. Super O! saw the tears in my eyes and asked why I was crying. I told her “because I love you”.

We finished our meal by sharing her Frosty. As we left the restaurant I made eye contact with the retired Marine. There was such gratitude in his face. Gratitude for a complete stranger took a moment to thank him for doing his job.

Now I’d like to challenge everyone reading this. Please, no matter how silly or embarrassed you feel, say Thank You to each and every service person you meet in your daily travels. Even if you don’t support the war in the Middle East, please support the people who are giving their lives to fight for us. A simple little Thank You can make all the difference.

Where did my baby go?

When did she go from being my funny toddler to my funny little girl? When did she start acting like a real person? Why didn't someone warn me?

Super O! is in Kindergarten now. She says things like "Oh yea baby!" and rocks out to songs on the radio. Her favorites are 80's classics because that's what I listen to. She's starting to get embarrassed when I want a kiss before I leave her at school. She has friends in 2nd grade! When I told her she looks nice today (it's picture day) she replied with a very polite "Thank you". If I say shit or damn, she reprimands me with a "Don't say that bad word Mom!". If she falls asleep on the couch, it's all I can do to pick her up to carry her to bed. God forbid she falls asleep ON ME because we need a crane to get us off the couch. She takes showers instead of baths and washes herself. She still needs help washing her hair, so I have that going for me. Best of all...she tells me she loves me without me saying it first! Just out of the blue "Mom, I love you!".

My baby is growing up but no matter how big she gets, how old she gets or how many kids she has, she'll ALWAYS be my baby!!!

When you're done reading this, please take a moment to pray for all of the people we lost in the 9/11 attacks and their families. Then take another moment to pray for the military personnel who fight for our freedoms. We will never forget!


Somebody call the police...

It happened last night. My baby tried to steal something. I couldn't believe it, but I guess it's not uncommon at her age. This is how it went down...

We were at the Dollar store looking for footie pajamas. Super O! wanted everything in site, which is unusual for her. She usually just casually hints that something looks cool and if she's good and it's cheap, I'll get it as a treat if we buy other things. Last night, she was in a mood and the uglies came out. "Mom, I want this...Mom, can I have this". All of the answers were NO! As we were leaving the store, I was in front of her and I heard her touching a rack behind me. I opened the door, stepped out, turned around and I saw it. She had a hand held battery operated fan in her hand and was about to walk out of the store with it. I saw red! How could this happen? My baby is only 5, where did she get the idea that taking something that doesn't belong to you is okay?

I immediately turned her around and marched her up to the checkout counter. The lady was busy helping another customer so we stood there, Super O! with guilt on her face, me with embarrassment on mine. When the lady was finished, I calmly said "My daughter tried to take this from your store". Super O! handed it back to her and said "I'm sorry" in her tiniest voice. The lady was very nice and said "Thank you, it's okay". I followed her with my stern mommy voice "No, it is not okay but thank you for being so nice about this." With that, we left the store.

When we got to the car, I didn't know what to do. I was so angry with her and wanted to put the fear of God into her, but I also didn't want to go overboard. She was acting like she had no idea what the big deal was which was NOT okay with me. I told her that what she did was very bad and if the lady in the store had wanted to she could have called the police because stealing is against the law. This got a reaction out her! I then told her that if she EVER tried to steal something again, I would make the person in the store call the police and they would deal with her. Again, reaction. At that, I left the issue alone.

We were almost home when she brought it up again. She asked if I was still sad at her. I told her that I was sad at what she did. She then asked if I still loved her. My heart broke a little bit and I said "I will always love you, no matter what you do, but what you did was very bad and you can't ever do it again." When we got home, I got a big hug and I don't think she'll ever try to steal again.

Edit: On a side note, my mother reminded me that I stole from a department store when I was in Kindergarten. She handled it the same way I did and I never did it again. Who knew I was passing on the kleptomaniac gene!


The Loverboys

My farmer and I had a rare opportunity a few weeks ago. We got to enjoy an evening out together...alone...without Super O!

We decided to check out the Central Wisconsin State Fair in Marshfield. Loverboy was playing. I LOVED Loverboy back in the 80's. I also loved big hair, stretchy pants tucked into my bunched socks and Madonna sweaters.

This is the Loverboy I remembered:

This is the Loverboy we saw:

Now, if I were all about being fair I would post pictures of me now & then but this is my blog and I'll post what I want damn it!

The morning after our outing, we were enjoying a few minutes alone in bed...without Super O!. As we were talking about how old the guys in the band had gotten, I had a mental image. Take a walk into my future with me please...

The setting: 40 years in the future. Me and the man are closing in on 70...
Edit: In 40 years, we'll be closing in on 80, not 70. I guess old age has set in already!

Me: Honey, remember when we went to the fair and saw those Loverboys? Weren't they nice fellows?
Him: What?
Me: The Loverboys...remember when we saw them?
Him: Damn it woman, I can't hear you!
Super O!: Mom, the name of the band was Loverboy...not THE Loverboys.
Me: What?
Super O!: Nevermind...

Ahhh...getting old...isn't it priceless!

p.s. They still rocked the house! You go Loverboys!


Kindergarten & Football

Super O! started Kindergarten yesterday. Thanks for asking and yes, I'm okay. She was in 4K last year for a few days a week so I got all of my "oh my, my baby is growing up!!!" out then.

She was so excited to start school and see her friends from last year. We bought her school supplies two weeks ago and put them in her backpack. She took them out and looked at them every single day before school started.

Last night, after we got home and settled, I opened the backpack to see what was in her folder. She had her school picture package form (They're doing them next week! What's up with that?), a sign up form for flag football (yes, she is playing!) and a "Star Student" certificate from her teacher. It said "Olivia was such a joy to have in class today. She smiled all day and is really enjoying school!". So, I guess she's gonna be one of those kids who loves to go to school. As opposed to her mother...well, we won't go there.

Yes, I said she's playing flag football. She's into all the "boy" sports and doesn't even want to consider figure skating or dance classes. After I asked her if she wants to play and she said yes, I asked her if she even knows how to play football. She replied by going into her room and getting a foam ball. She then returned to the kitchen, threw the ball on the floor and yelled "Hutt Hutt". Then she said, See, I know how to play! So, I guess she's all set! I'll be sure to post more as the season gets closer!


Kiss my...

I grew this in my garden. Nuff said...


Misc. Stuff...

Wow! Has it been that long? I didn't realize I haven't posted in a while!

Things have been pretty busy. Super O! had her immunization boosters for school and they were HORRIBLE!! She didn't like it one bit and I felt so badly for my poor baby. Her left thigh swelled up and she had a HUGE red welt for a few days, then on Friday evening she had a 102 fever. She's fine now, no more injection site swelling and no fever. Thank God that's over with!

The Athens Fair was this weekend. I kept forgetting to take my camera so I have no pictures. Bad mom! Super O! decided she's too big for the baby rides so she made me and Nini ride the "big kid" rides with her. The first stop was the Trabant. I found this random video on YouTube that shows the ride in action:

I felt very nauseous when we got off, but do you think the little creep had any sympathy for her poor old mom? NO!! She made me go on the ferris wheel, which shouldn't have been bad, but because of the Trabant I got even sicker! When she wanted to go on the Tilt-A-Whirl, I made her grandma go with her!

Day two of the fair brought more big kid rides, but I got smart. I made her grandma go on all of them with her. She rode the spinning Strawberries and the Octopus. I did go on the ferris wheel with her again, but I was okay that time.

The parade was yesterday and let me tell you...for a small town parade there was a lot of stuff in this one! It lasted for about 1 1/2 hours and I got sunburned! Super O! got just enough candy to last her a few weeks so she was a happy girl.

All in all, it was another fine fair season. We're already looking forward to next year!


Sad News...

Corey has had a dog for the last 15 years. Her name is Shaggy Dog. Sadly, she had to be put down because she's very old and we could tell she just wasn't the same dog as she was 6 months ago. Today was the day. She went peacefully on the farm, the only home she's ever known. She left us in the arms of her favorite person in the world, the only man she ever loved.

As corny as it sounds, I know she's in a better place. She can run and jump and bark again. I just hope everyone in that better place knows what a great dog she was.

Shaggy Dog, we love you very much and we'll miss you. Take care old girl...



Way back when I was pregnant with Super O! I decided to buy a digital camera. I got a really nice Olympus that cost about a billion dollars. To this day, I still haven't learned to use all of the advanced features of the camera. So, what did I do? I learned how to use Photoshop!

Super O! and I took the dogs out for a play last night and I shot a few pics so I could play with my new found knowledge. Tell me what you think!

So, should I quit before I embarrass myself? Think I have any creative talent whatsoever?


The Loves of My Life!

Because I can, I'd like to share a few pictures of the most important people in my life.

These two are completely in love with each other and sometimes they make me feel like I don't exist.

That's okay though, I'm so grateful that I found someone who loves my baby as much as I do!

p.s. Corey really does have eyes, they're just kinda closed when he smiles!



Super O! is starting Kindergarten in a few weeks. As I'm sure you can all imagine, she needs to get a few immunization boosters before school starts. She's not excited about this at all! How do I explain what's going to happen without scaring her to death? She knows that shots hurt and she doesn't want them, but what can I do? I'm going to see how much it costs for a tetanus booster and maybe I'll get one. It's been several years since I had one so I'm sure I'm due.

Poor peanut! Any ideas?


Field Trip to Green Bay

Before I get into the field trip, I'd just like to say that as much as I loved my old blog wrapper, it sucked! I couldn't get it to display correctly in IE and I couldn't get any answers from the site that created it. So, it's back to the boring old Blogger templates until I can find something better.

Yesterday was a wonderful day packed with new adventures and boy were we tired when we got home! We started at 9am with a 1hr 45min bus ride to Green Bay. It's been 22 years since I've been on a school bus so I was pretty excited. As a matter of fact, I think I was more excited about the whole day than Super O! was to begin with. We started our day with a tour of Lambeau Field, the home of the Green Bay Packers. Did you know that Lambeau Field is the "Crown Jewel of the NFL"? Yea, me either!

We got to experience a sky box that costs approximately $80,000 a year to lease and that's with a minimum of 4 years on the lease. That costs more than our whole house and believe me, it was a lot nicer. Here's a view from the box...

After the sky box we got to go into the bowels of the stadium where we entered the field through the players tunnel. Now that was incredible. The whole tunnel is lined with speakers and we could hear the "roar of the crowd". They even played the same music they play for the Pack on game day. We came out of the tunnel and there it was...in all it's glory...the field! Now, I'm not a football fan & I'm definitely not a Packer fan, but I have to admit that it was pretty darn awesome! We weren't allowed to go onto the grass, but we did get to go into the stands and take a bunch of pictures. Here's one from the end zone...

Super O! doesn't understand the history behind Lambeau Field, nor is she a sports fan yet but she was appropriately impressed. The best part of the tour for her was when we were in the stands (where I took the above picture) and the tour guide had us all yell "GO PACK GO" together. The echo came back to us and we could all imagine how it would sound on game day with 70,000 screaming fans in attendance.

After the stadium, we went to The New Zoo in Green Bay. I knew Super O! would enjoy this part of the day because she LOVES animals. We saw the giraffes...

And prairie dogs...

A huge tortoise...

A sleeping raccoon in a log...

Two penguins...

And a very gentle lion that the kids climbed on...

But the coolest thing we saw was a white alligator!

All in all it was a great day. When we got home we were both hot, sticky and exhausted. Super O! went to bed at 8:30 and as I was tucking her in I asked her what the best part of her day was. She said "The zoo" and asked what my best part was. I told her "The best part of my day was spending it with you!". She smiled all goofy and said "My best part was your shoe!". I said "My shoe?" and she replied "No...with you!" Then she gave me this look...

Which is very common!


All Grown Up!

Super O! has transferred to the school age program at her daycare center. I'm not quite ready for this. She's not a baby anymore! She's starting kindergarten in a little over a month! When did this happen and why didn't anyone stop it?

One of the things about the school age program is that it's run out of the elementary school and they don't have access to the kitchen. This means I have to pack a cold lunch for Super O. We went to the dollar store yesterday and she found a whole lunch set; insulated bag, sandwich keeper, snack keeper with pop-up lid and water bottle. She had to go with the Disney Cars theme because they didn't have the lunch bag in the Spider Man theme (for shame!!!).

How unbelievably cool is she?

So, at 5:30 yesterday evening she was in the kitchen preparing to make a sandwich to put in her new sandwich keeper. Two pieces of bread and grape jelly. Watch out Rachael Ray! There's a new sheriff in town!

Note: If you're viewing this in Internet Explorer, you've probably noticed that the right sidebar is empty. Well, it's actually at the bottom of the page and it's not my issue, it's IE's issue. I'm currently trying to find a fix for it. Stay tuned and if you know what's good for you, you'll download FireFox and quit using IE. It's much more stable and it doesn't suck!

You like?

So, do you like the new look? I've been looking for simple but nice Blogger templates for a while and all I could find were ones that would require me to do a lot of changing and upkeep. Frankly, I don't have that kind of time. I found this one at Blogcrowds (Thanks Blogcrowds! You're the bestest!) Ain't it purty!!

I didn't want one that would require me to upload a picture (because I can never settle on a favorite) and I didn't want to have to change a lot of code (because I'm not that talented) and I wanted to be able to use the built in Layout settings (because it makes my life easier). This one fit the bill!

Hope you enjoy it cuz I'm keepin' it!

UPDATE: Apparently Internet Explorer is having an issue with my new template and it's pushing the right sidebar to the bottom of the page. From what I can tell, this is very common with a lot of blogs on Blogger and it's an IE issue. I'm working on it now. In the meantime, I STRONGLY suggest that you install FireFox and quit using IE. It's much more stable and it doesn't suck!


I Five Now!

Super O! turned 5 in December. For whatever reason she's decided that now, 7 months later, she's going to pull out the "But I five now!" card. Here's a few examples:

"O, you can't cut your sandwich with a steak knife because you're too little!"
"But I five now!"

"You need to apologize for talking to me that way!"
"But I five now!"

"You can't let the dogs out without their leashes because they'll run away!"
"But I five now!"

See what I mean!

p.s. What does being five have to do with letting the dogs out without a leash? I've been trying to figure that out for days!


Whas up?

I haven't posted in a few days because I can't think of anything to blog about. How about a few tidbits about what Super O! has been doing the last few days.

  • She was mooing at the cows out the bathroom window this morning while standing on the toilet.
  • She fell into the toilet when she went to sit on it while I was bathing the dogs last week.
  • She got very mad at me when I told her to look in the mirror when she said she wanted to see her "titties". Read this!
  • She had her last t-ball game of the season on Tuesday. She actually got pretty good by the end.
  • She loves anything with noodles, potatoes or cheese. In the last few days I've made two casseroles that contained the above mentioned ingredients so she's been eating like a horse!
Ok. I just read over my list and saw how boring it was so I'll stop now.

I promise I'll try to come up with something more interesting next time...


Titties! (aka Kitties)

Am I crazy? Really...do I have a sane brain cell left in my head? We have 2 dogs in the house and 4 outside. We also have a hamster, 2 ponies, chickens, barn cats and a whole herd of dairy cows. So can anyone tell me why I now have two 4 week old kittens in a dog crate taking up half of Super O!'s bedroom? And why does she think we'll be able to keep them when they grow up?

Let me back up a minute. My farmer found kittens (or "tittens" in Super O! speak) in the hay mow. He actually found several of them...the only problem is that only two were alive. We're not sure if the tom cat got the babies or what happened. The two that were alive are poor sick little babies. Their eyes are gooped shut and they have colds. With this weather, it's no wonder they're sick. As soon as I saw them my mommy instincts kicked in. I got a warm washcloth and cleaned their eyes and noses. Then they purred and cuddled. How could I let them go back to the hay mow to get sicker...or to let the predator get them?

So now we have two kittens in a dog crate taking up half of Super O!'s bedroom. And my checkbook is about $40 lighter (I had to get kitty formula and a feeding bottle, eye drops, food and litter). Super O! thinks they'll grow up and sleep with her and be her best friends and they'll let her dress them up and dance with her. (These are things her dogs won't do...and they started out as her best friends too!).

I'm inclined to find them homes when they get bigger and stronger and my farmer isn't objecting to that line of thinking. I really don't want to deal with litter and hair all over the place. Super O! says she'll take care of them, but she said that about the dogs and the hamster too. She is only 5 but she's old enough to feed her animals. Do I really want to take care of two more animals?

They really are cute though...

UPDATE!! - I found homes for both kitties. One of the guys I work with took one for his wife and the other went to one of Super O!'s daycare teachers. Both families LOVE their new babies and hopefully the titties are happy too!


I'm baaaaaack!!! Didja miss me?

Still don't have internet at home yet, but I'm comfortable enough at the new job to post on breaks or lunch. So, without further ado, I'd like to share a short story about Super O!

The other day, Super O was winding down and relaxing before bed. Relaxing came in the form of cutting and gluing small pieces of paper for me. She's so artistic! Anyway, I saw her sitting there with her tongue sticking out the side of her mouth, concentrating so hard on cutting a perfect square. I had one of those unbelievably strong mommy urges...you know the kind, where I wanted to eat her for a snack...cuz she's do damn cute! Anyway, here's the conversation.

Me: I love you baby!
Super O: I wub you to Mom!
Me: But I love you more!
Super O: Sigh.... I wub you to. (said with "that" tone")
Me: But I love you the most!
Super O: HELLO!!! I'm busy!!! (insert eye roll here)

I could have eaten her right then!


Things are going well for us. I absolutely LOVE my new job. I'm always super busy and the people here are awesome! Plus I get free chiropractic care and my back and neck have never felt better. I was always skeptical about chiropractic in the past and had never had an adjustment but boy am I a convert now!


We're officially trying to get pregnant again! After what happened earlier this year we're a little scared but we won't let that get in the way of trying to have another child. My farmer is so awesome with Super O that I feel it would be a shame for him not to have one of his own. He's actually okay with just having Super O if that's the way things end up, but DAMNIT!! I want another baby!! So, keep us in your thoughts and wish for lots of successful "alone time". It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. I'm willing to take one for the team! (tee hee hee).



Just a quick post to say we're alive and miss everyone. Thanks to those who have left comments!

Heather - Our yard is a sink hole because we have new construction that ended in December. Winter was about to set in so we couldn't do much with our yard and now that spring is here...well, muddy sinkhole mess!

Hopefully it'll be a pretty green in about a month!

I'm out...see you soon (hopefully!)


We temporarily interrupt this program...

I'll be disappearing for a bit. Today is the last day at my present job. I start the new one on Tuesday. Why is this a problem? Well, I don't have internet at home because our yard is a muddy mess and the guy from my wireless internet company can't come do a site survey until he can climb up on our roof. Which would be dangerous right now because his ladder would most likely sink into about 3 feet of muddy quicksand. You think I'm kidding? Well, get this...we have to use the 4-wheeler to get from the driveway to the door. We can't even walk in the yard. I tried this a few weeks ago and I lost my shoes. My brand new shoes. They're pretty black clogs and they were lost in the mud! I had to throw my socks away because they were caked in mud and even bleach wouldn't get them clean. Don't worry though. I found the shoes and they were able to be cleaned. Thank goodness!

Anyway, I digress. As soon as I can either surf at work or get internet at home I won't be around much. I will miss you.

Stay tuned...


My Buddy & Me! (Well, "Her Buddy & Her" actually!)

I finally got a few pictures of Super O! and her puppy. It was a painful process, but here ya go...

Ain't that purty...

Sick her Buddy...Get dat Mommy!

Awww...ain't they cute!

p.s. I apologize for the freaky glowing eyes on Buddy. I just got PhotoShop but have no idea how to use it. Not to mention that I'm posting this from work (shhhhh...don't tell anyone) and PhotoShop is on the laptop at home. I promise to try to do better next time. Amen.

I also have some hilarious videos I need to figure out how to upload. We have "The Boobie Dance" starring my huge ass bra and "SuperO! Plays Wii Bowling". Really, they're funnier than the titles sound!


I didn't give permission for this...

Yes, it happened again. SuperO! decided to have another sleep over. This time it was with her billy goat. Oh how I love this child!!