When is it okay to say "Shit"?

We live in central Wisconsin. Because we live in central WI, it is assumed that we are Green Bay Packer fans. Because I grew up in the Chicago area, we are NOT Green Bay Packer fans. My DNA has been imprinted with a deep seated hatred for the Packers. It's nothing that happened during my upbringing, it's just in my genes.

My stepfather grew up in New England, mostly in the New York area. Hence, he is a NY Giants fan. His DNA has been imprinted with a deep seated hatred for all teams that are not the NY Giants (he was able to control the DNA strand that hates the Bears, but only after he realized his marriage could end if he didn't stop yelling "You Suck" at the TV when the Bears were playing).

Ok, now that you have the back story, let me move forward. My story takes place on Sunday, January 20, 2008. The place...my living room. The Green Bay Packers vs. NY Giants NFC play-off game was on the TV. Because of my DNA and my stepfather, we were NOT rooting for the Packers.

Super O! likes football because Nini & Dave have taught her how to cheer "Na na na Nana Nah Nah" while pointing her fingers up in the air alternately whenever "her" team does something good. Whenever the Giants did something good, we did our little cheer. Whenever something bad happened, Super Mom! yelled SHIT at the TV. Super O! knows that shit isn't something she should say, and Super Mom! knows that shit isn't something she should say in front of Super O!. BUT COME ON PEOPLE...it was the NFC play-offs!!! After the first few times I said SHIT, Super O! decided to try her luck with the word. The next time something bad happened, I yelled SHIT and she yelled SIT (her version of shit). This the conversation that ensued...

Super Mom!: You can't say shit Super O!
Super O!: Why?
Super Mom!: Because it's not nice.
Super O!: You said it.
Super Mom!: You're right honey, Mommy said it. But the Packers just sacked Eli Manning. I couldn't help myself.
Super O!: looks at Super Mom! with confusion on her face
Super Mom!: Okay, for the rest of the game, if I say SHIT, you can say SIT. But when the game is over, you can NEVER say it again!
Super O!: YAY!!!

So, is it wrong to let my 5yr old say SIT during an NFC play-off game when something bad happens to my team? I think not!

p.s. GO GIANTS!!



...your computer screen dirty? Try this...

She Speaks!

If you've been reading this blog from the beginning, you know that Super O! has speech delay issues. She started 4K in the fall and gets speech therapy 3x a week. Let me tell you people, that shit really works! At least it does for my superhero! She's talking up a storm these days and had I known she would be so bossy, I might have kept her home this school year. (Not really, but sheesh...she's bossy!)

Super O! has to have things HER way. She likes to direct the people and animals around her. If you don't do something exactly to her specifications, she stops the action and explains her directions in a verrrrry slooooo manner. As if we were all French and she's trying to communicate with us. "Nooooo Mom...do it diiiiissssssss waaaayyyyyy". I really didn't know I was so stupid until she started talking. Are all children like this?

Her favorite thing lately is "Me Superman". Whenever she does something she considers outstanding (like finishing dinner first), her explanation for her actions is "Me Superman". One night last week, I finished before her. She was completely dumbfounded. How could I have beat her? It couldn't be because she was more interested in moving her plate, cup and fork around on the table until they were in the exact right positions...it couldn't have been the fact that she kept stopping to play with the dog. The only explanation in her mind was "Mom, you Superman?". My answer "No, I'm Supermom and I outrank Superman!".

p.s. I know you're reading this. I see the numbers on my ShinyStat report. I dare you to leave a comment!


TiNee 1

Well, my farmer and Super O! were sick last weekend and now it's my turn! Those stinkers gave me their death cold. I haven't been sleeping and nothing I eat tastes good! Will this ever end?

Since my head feels like it's on a balloon floating above the rest of my body, I can't think of any good blogging fodder. I know Super O! has done several cute and funny things in the last week, but can I think of any of them? NO!

Oh wait...here's one for you...

Super O! can't remember the name of our puppy. I yell "BUDDY" at least 10 times a day because he's either chewing on something, trying to hump my leg, or peeing/pooping on the carpet so I can't understand why she can't remember his name. To solve her problem, she's given him her own little name..."Tiny One". When we come in from outside and he's done his bidness out there, she gives him a treat and says "Here Tiny One". When she wants him to follow her, she says "Come, Tiny One". When she prays for the newest Barbie Dream House , she solemnly bows her head and says "Oh Tiny One, please grant me the new Barbie Dream House".

Because I think "Tiny One" is kinda lame, I like to think of him as a rapper from Detroit.

His new name is TiNee 1 and he's bad ass!


My Buddy & Me!

Who's a pretty boy?

I'm a pretty boy!

Guess what, guess what!! We got a puppy last night! My farmer's mom breeds shih-tzu's and since we just got the new house, she decided to give us a puppy as a gift! He's almost 5 months old and just the cutest little thing!

Super O thinks he's her dog, but Buddy would tell you another story. Shih-tzu's tend to be a one-person breed...they pick one family member and attach themselves. Well, Buddy has decided that I'm his person. So much so, that when my farmer came in last night, Buddy barked and growled at him. I assume he thought my farmer was there to do some type of harm. Now I call him my attack dog! :-)


Farm Hand!

If you've been reading the site, you all know that my man is a dairy farmer. We now have a house on the farm which Super O is very excited about. This means she can see her horses everyday and she can help in the barn. While Super O may be excited about barn work, Super Mommy is NOT! I don't know if any of you have been in a dairy barn when it's 10 degrees outside, but it smells. The Farmer is used to this because he grew up in that barn, but this city girl definitely does not like being in the barn in the middle of winter. Anyway, I digress...

As I said, Super O likes to help in the barn. Because she's only 5 there's only so much she can do. Basically, she helps feed hay to the cows and she has a kid sized snow shovel that she uses to bed the animals and push sawdust into the gutters with. However, she has found a new chore that she can perform. Scraping poop!!

Yes, I said she can scrape poop. What exactly does this mean? Well, there's a manure gutter that runs along the back of the stalls where the cows do their business. When it's time to milk, we have to scrape any poop that missed the gutter and landed in their stall. Naturally, this involves a flat ended shovel. Super O decided to try her hand at scraping the poop last Friday and she's become quite the expert! The shovel is kind of big for her, but she manages to scrape that poop like a seasoned farmer. And the best part...SHE LOVES IT! She can't wait to get into the barn to scrape poop!

I had to work on Monday morning, so she stayed home with The Farmer while he did his morning barn work. Apparently, she couldn't wait to get in there and start scraping poop. She spent all morning with her shovel waiting for the cows to do their business so she could clean up after them. Yes, my child is weird...but it gets better...

Yesterday morning, as we were getting ready to leave she asked The Farmer what he was going to do. He told her he was going to the barn to take care of the cows. She inquired about the need to scrape poop and of course he said he was going to have to do it. She asked if she could go with him and I told her no. I swear people...SHE STARTED CRYING!!! Yes, there were real tears! It wasn't a full on tantrum, it was the kind of crying where her little heart was broken. You know what I'm talking about. She really wanted to get in there and scrape the poop.

Anyway, The Farmer has the makings of a real life farm hand now. He's very excited about this. I wish I could say the same! Although...the more she does, the less I have to do.

Super O...get in there and scrape some poop girl!! Mommy wants to take a nap!

UPDATE! Super O got her own poop shovel! She's so very exited! You shoulda seen her carrying it out of the store!



I want one! Super O would have a blast with this!

Marek Michalowski of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, US, and Hideki Kozima of the National Institute of Communications Technology (NICT) in Kyoto, Japan, programmed the squishy, yellow robot, called "Keepon", to pick out the beat in a piece of music and move along in time. It can also track the rhythmic motion of a person or another object and move in time to that. For more info, see Infanoid Project.

(I've never embedded a YouTube! video before. I hope this works!)

Oh My!

Has it really been this long since I posted? I'm so sorry! Although, my site counter says nobody is visiting anyway. Maybe it's because I never post anymore!

What's new you ask? Well, we moved into our new house on Christmas Eve. I can't remember if I posted this or not, but we found a house to move to the farm. We had it set on a basement and needed the septic, well, electric, etc installed. We moved the house on Oct. 24 and moved in on Dec. 24. I guess that's not too bad, 2 months! It's great for my farmer because he only has to walk about 100 yards to get to the barn!

Santa found Super O with no problem. My secret? We had magic reindeer food! Santa mailed her a baggie of oats and glitter to sprinkle in the yard. The oats were to attract the reindeer and the glitter was so that Rudolph could see where to land. Super O was very worried that Santa wouldn't find her since we moved on Christmas Eve, but thanks to the reindeer food he found her!

I promise I'll post more often this year! I know there are a few lurkers out there!

Happy New Year everybody!