Farm Hand!

If you've been reading the site, you all know that my man is a dairy farmer. We now have a house on the farm which Super O is very excited about. This means she can see her horses everyday and she can help in the barn. While Super O may be excited about barn work, Super Mommy is NOT! I don't know if any of you have been in a dairy barn when it's 10 degrees outside, but it smells. The Farmer is used to this because he grew up in that barn, but this city girl definitely does not like being in the barn in the middle of winter. Anyway, I digress...

As I said, Super O likes to help in the barn. Because she's only 5 there's only so much she can do. Basically, she helps feed hay to the cows and she has a kid sized snow shovel that she uses to bed the animals and push sawdust into the gutters with. However, she has found a new chore that she can perform. Scraping poop!!

Yes, I said she can scrape poop. What exactly does this mean? Well, there's a manure gutter that runs along the back of the stalls where the cows do their business. When it's time to milk, we have to scrape any poop that missed the gutter and landed in their stall. Naturally, this involves a flat ended shovel. Super O decided to try her hand at scraping the poop last Friday and she's become quite the expert! The shovel is kind of big for her, but she manages to scrape that poop like a seasoned farmer. And the best part...SHE LOVES IT! She can't wait to get into the barn to scrape poop!

I had to work on Monday morning, so she stayed home with The Farmer while he did his morning barn work. Apparently, she couldn't wait to get in there and start scraping poop. She spent all morning with her shovel waiting for the cows to do their business so she could clean up after them. Yes, my child is weird...but it gets better...

Yesterday morning, as we were getting ready to leave she asked The Farmer what he was going to do. He told her he was going to the barn to take care of the cows. She inquired about the need to scrape poop and of course he said he was going to have to do it. She asked if she could go with him and I told her no. I swear people...SHE STARTED CRYING!!! Yes, there were real tears! It wasn't a full on tantrum, it was the kind of crying where her little heart was broken. You know what I'm talking about. She really wanted to get in there and scrape the poop.

Anyway, The Farmer has the makings of a real life farm hand now. He's very excited about this. I wish I could say the same! Although...the more she does, the less I have to do.

Super O...get in there and scrape some poop girl!! Mommy wants to take a nap!

UPDATE! Super O got her own poop shovel! She's so very exited! You shoulda seen her carrying it out of the store!


  1. HAD TO, HAD TO, HAD TO come over and check out your blog cuz you have BEAKER as your pic!! Anyone that can appreciate a good Muppet must be a great person!!

    Love the blog!


  2. Glad you liked the video - I have watched it at work twice and still have to watch how loud I laugh!!

    JOhn Cusack should be ashamed for being ashamed of Better Off Dead....


  3. Glad you like the site Hallie. I'm trying to drum up more "business" so I check out and comment on lots of blogs. Yours is one of my favorites so far. I added your site to my RSS feeds page on my iGoogle page so I can read as soon as you make a new entry!

    See ya!

  4. Beaker fan here too! :o)

    Meandered over from Hallie's...

    O is adorable! LOVE that she got her own shovel! LOL