She Speaks!

If you've been reading this blog from the beginning, you know that Super O! has speech delay issues. She started 4K in the fall and gets speech therapy 3x a week. Let me tell you people, that shit really works! At least it does for my superhero! She's talking up a storm these days and had I known she would be so bossy, I might have kept her home this school year. (Not really, but sheesh...she's bossy!)

Super O! has to have things HER way. She likes to direct the people and animals around her. If you don't do something exactly to her specifications, she stops the action and explains her directions in a verrrrry slooooo manner. As if we were all French and she's trying to communicate with us. "Nooooo Mom...do it diiiiissssssss waaaayyyyyy". I really didn't know I was so stupid until she started talking. Are all children like this?

Her favorite thing lately is "Me Superman". Whenever she does something she considers outstanding (like finishing dinner first), her explanation for her actions is "Me Superman". One night last week, I finished before her. She was completely dumbfounded. How could I have beat her? It couldn't be because she was more interested in moving her plate, cup and fork around on the table until they were in the exact right positions...it couldn't have been the fact that she kept stopping to play with the dog. The only explanation in her mind was "Mom, you Superman?". My answer "No, I'm Supermom and I outrank Superman!".

p.s. I know you're reading this. I see the numbers on my ShinyStat report. I dare you to leave a comment!

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