TiNee 1

Well, my farmer and Super O! were sick last weekend and now it's my turn! Those stinkers gave me their death cold. I haven't been sleeping and nothing I eat tastes good! Will this ever end?

Since my head feels like it's on a balloon floating above the rest of my body, I can't think of any good blogging fodder. I know Super O! has done several cute and funny things in the last week, but can I think of any of them? NO!

Oh wait...here's one for you...

Super O! can't remember the name of our puppy. I yell "BUDDY" at least 10 times a day because he's either chewing on something, trying to hump my leg, or peeing/pooping on the carpet so I can't understand why she can't remember his name. To solve her problem, she's given him her own little name..."Tiny One". When we come in from outside and he's done his bidness out there, she gives him a treat and says "Here Tiny One". When she wants him to follow her, she says "Come, Tiny One". When she prays for the newest Barbie Dream House , she solemnly bows her head and says "Oh Tiny One, please grant me the new Barbie Dream House".

Because I think "Tiny One" is kinda lame, I like to think of him as a rapper from Detroit.

His new name is TiNee 1 and he's bad ass!


  1. Bad ass my foot! Isn't he that cute little fluff ball we saw pics of?

    How bad ass can a fuzz ball be?


  2. Oh, he's bad ass alright. Only when he takes on his TiNee 1 persona though! :-)