When is it okay to say "Shit"?

We live in central Wisconsin. Because we live in central WI, it is assumed that we are Green Bay Packer fans. Because I grew up in the Chicago area, we are NOT Green Bay Packer fans. My DNA has been imprinted with a deep seated hatred for the Packers. It's nothing that happened during my upbringing, it's just in my genes.

My stepfather grew up in New England, mostly in the New York area. Hence, he is a NY Giants fan. His DNA has been imprinted with a deep seated hatred for all teams that are not the NY Giants (he was able to control the DNA strand that hates the Bears, but only after he realized his marriage could end if he didn't stop yelling "You Suck" at the TV when the Bears were playing).

Ok, now that you have the back story, let me move forward. My story takes place on Sunday, January 20, 2008. The place...my living room. The Green Bay Packers vs. NY Giants NFC play-off game was on the TV. Because of my DNA and my stepfather, we were NOT rooting for the Packers.

Super O! likes football because Nini & Dave have taught her how to cheer "Na na na Nana Nah Nah" while pointing her fingers up in the air alternately whenever "her" team does something good. Whenever the Giants did something good, we did our little cheer. Whenever something bad happened, Super Mom! yelled SHIT at the TV. Super O! knows that shit isn't something she should say, and Super Mom! knows that shit isn't something she should say in front of Super O!. BUT COME ON PEOPLE...it was the NFC play-offs!!! After the first few times I said SHIT, Super O! decided to try her luck with the word. The next time something bad happened, I yelled SHIT and she yelled SIT (her version of shit). This the conversation that ensued...

Super Mom!: You can't say shit Super O!
Super O!: Why?
Super Mom!: Because it's not nice.
Super O!: You said it.
Super Mom!: You're right honey, Mommy said it. But the Packers just sacked Eli Manning. I couldn't help myself.
Super O!: looks at Super Mom! with confusion on her face
Super Mom!: Okay, for the rest of the game, if I say SHIT, you can say SIT. But when the game is over, you can NEVER say it again!
Super O!: YAY!!!

So, is it wrong to let my 5yr old say SIT during an NFC play-off game when something bad happens to my team? I think not!

p.s. GO GIANTS!!


  1. Kind of bad...maybe. But kind of cute...totally!!

    Hallie :-)

  2. You don't like celery either? What the heck is WRONG WITH YOU TWO???

    Hallie :)

  3. Yer mom n'em? That's just way weirder than y'all or all y'all!!

    Hallie :)

  4. I would just like to say that ever since super O was a tiny baby, her super mom would remind me to watch my language around her, so she wouldn't pick up bad words

    well, it's 5 yrs later, & so far every "bad" word super O has picked up has come from her super mom !!

    super grandma