Bathroom Habits

As you know, Super O! is a 5yr old girl. As a 5yr old girl, it's very important for her to have good potty habits. We're working on the whole wiping thing and how much toilet paper is too much.

Last night, right before bedtime, Super O! announced "Mom...me poo-poo!". I said, "Then go, but don't forget to wipe!" She yelled "OK" as she sprinted to the bathroom. About 2 seconds later, she ran back into the room holding her hands about 12 inches apart and asked "This much??". I laughed and said "Yup!".

At least she knows how much toilet paper to use. Now, if I can just get her to use it every time...

I bought her this Cottonelle toilet paper to help her use the right amount. What a rip-off! First of all, 5 squares is too much unless your kid has a honkin' big behind! Second of all, the pack I bought didn't have the puppies printed in the right places. She's supposed to tear it off on the square with the puppy. As a 5yr old with a new puppy, she doesn't want to tear the puppy in half! Why would they make kids "kill" these puppies by printing them on a perforation? Who thought this up? Needless to say, I won't be buying this again!

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  1. How traumatic - I'm 37 and wouldnt want to tear the puppy in half!!

    Oy Vey!