Hey, guess what...guess what??? WE GOT A Wii!!!

Yes, you heard me right. I finally found a Wii. I was at Best Buy picking up my new laptop. While checking out I asked the guy "I don't suppose you have any Wii's in stock, do you?". Surprisingly, he said "Yea, I think we have like 6 of them." OMG!! I couldn't believe my ears! So, I ran back and grabbed one as fast as I could. After I grabbed my Wii, I looked at the games and found a kids game for SuperO! Cosmic Family is designed for kids ages 4-8. I sure hope she likes it!

So, what's a SuperMom! to do? I have a Wii, a new laptop and Survivor is on tonight. What would you do?


  1. Nothing - your life is now perfect!! Have fun!!

    Hallie :)

  2. Girl, I see you 've gotten busy with your blog, which is great. This season stinks on BB, but there is still fun in what Jackie makes of things and in the comments. Methinks you are watching AI instead of BB but I just wanted to let you know, we miss you over at Jackie's. I see your occasional comment on her TV Squad articles.