And it just keeps on commin'...

No, it does not get better! If this month doesn't end soon, I may go crazy!

I took Super O! to the doctor on Wednesday morning because she was up most of the night coughing so hard she was throwing up. The worst part is she was throwing up huge chunks of phlegm. She gets bronchitis a few times a winter, but this was different. How did I know it was different? Well, first of all, she had no fever. She ALWAYS gets a fever when she has her cough. No fever = something is different. The doctor heard some wheezing in her chest, so he opted for an x-ray and low and behold, she has a touch of pneumonia in the lower part of both of her lungs. I told you something was different!

She's on strong antibiotics and slept through the night. Today, she's at home with Super Nini! so I can save at least a few vacation/sick days for the rest of the year.

Someone let me know when March is over. I really want to get off this ride!


  1. Doesn't it always happen like that? When you TRULY need a break, do you get one? NO!!

    Hang in there. I'll keep your little one in my thoughts and hope that she's healthy again soon.

    Hallie :)

  2. I second the hang in there. Poor ORK, at least you have a name for what's going on and a treatment. antibiotics are so often over-prescribed but NOT in a case like this... this is when they are a miracle drug!!! SO glad she slept and hope you can too.

    March is going going going... Spring is on it's way.

  3. Yikes - that sounds awful. I hope she's feeling better now. I found your blog on Dad Gone Mad and thought I'd stop by and say hi :) It's hard to get readers and I often feel frustrated I don't have more either :P

  4. T-- Just checking in on how you are now that it's April. And wanted to let you know that people asked where you went to on Jackie's blog. I joffered that AI got you over BB this year (not a bad choice!). We miss you!

    Please stop by my blog when you can. I've been writing more there these days. Most of all, would just like to know that you're OK.

    Hugs, Syd