I didn't give permission for this...

Yes, it happened again. SuperO! decided to have another sleep over. This time it was with her billy goat. Oh how I love this child!!


  1. These photos are SO super cute :)

  2. Nana in the NW4/14/08, 3:19 PM

    Those pictures are adorable!! How can you keep from smothering her with kisses?! There is nothing like the innocence of a child....you see the world in a whole new light.

    I read some of your older posts and wanted to comment on your sad news...
    I am sorry for your loss. Although only a few weeks along it was still a part of you and you and the farmer had started making plans for the future. I would like to share my daughter's story of pregnancy and miscarriage.
    When she was 21 she got preg. for the 1st time. but at 11 weeks miscarried.
    3 months later was preg. again only to lose that baby at 9 weeks. By now she was angry and sad and had lost all faith in her doctor. Six months later, after her 3rd miscarriage @ 13 weeks she told me I couldn't go to anymore dr. appts with her and started seeing a high risk OB. The next time she got preg. the dr. immediately started her on synthetic pogestrone and 8 months later our Cassidy was born. A year later my daughter had a tubal preg. which was removed along with a golf ball sized tumor in her ovary. To our surprise she was preg. within 6 months, used pogestrone again and Caitlyn was born. Counting our blessings for two healthy girls my daughter is done.

    The point is to tell you to hang in there, follow doctors orders, and before you know it Super O may have a new little roommate!

    Have a good day--spring is just around the corner.

    I have no blogsite but can be reached at:

    Joyce Erickson
    Nana in the NW

  3. Nana: Thank you so much for sharing that story. I pray that nothing like that happens to us, but knowing that there is hope if it does makes all the difference.

  4. I don't buy it!! ANYONE can get at least ONE pic of their dog!!


    My contest is waiting....

    Hallie :)