All Grown Up!

Super O! has transferred to the school age program at her daycare center. I'm not quite ready for this. She's not a baby anymore! She's starting kindergarten in a little over a month! When did this happen and why didn't anyone stop it?

One of the things about the school age program is that it's run out of the elementary school and they don't have access to the kitchen. This means I have to pack a cold lunch for Super O. We went to the dollar store yesterday and she found a whole lunch set; insulated bag, sandwich keeper, snack keeper with pop-up lid and water bottle. She had to go with the Disney Cars theme because they didn't have the lunch bag in the Spider Man theme (for shame!!!).

How unbelievably cool is she?

So, at 5:30 yesterday evening she was in the kitchen preparing to make a sandwich to put in her new sandwich keeper. Two pieces of bread and grape jelly. Watch out Rachael Ray! There's a new sheriff in town!

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