I Five Now!

Super O! turned 5 in December. For whatever reason she's decided that now, 7 months later, she's going to pull out the "But I five now!" card. Here's a few examples:

"O, you can't cut your sandwich with a steak knife because you're too little!"
"But I five now!"

"You need to apologize for talking to me that way!"
"But I five now!"

"You can't let the dogs out without their leashes because they'll run away!"
"But I five now!"

See what I mean!

p.s. What does being five have to do with letting the dogs out without a leash? I've been trying to figure that out for days!


  1. Oh man. I'm 27 now, so I should get my way all the time as well. Oh wait. I pretty much do. Spoiled.