You like?

So, do you like the new look? I've been looking for simple but nice Blogger templates for a while and all I could find were ones that would require me to do a lot of changing and upkeep. Frankly, I don't have that kind of time. I found this one at Blogcrowds (Thanks Blogcrowds! You're the bestest!) Ain't it purty!!

I didn't want one that would require me to upload a picture (because I can never settle on a favorite) and I didn't want to have to change a lot of code (because I'm not that talented) and I wanted to be able to use the built in Layout settings (because it makes my life easier). This one fit the bill!

Hope you enjoy it cuz I'm keepin' it!

UPDATE: Apparently Internet Explorer is having an issue with my new template and it's pushing the right sidebar to the bottom of the page. From what I can tell, this is very common with a lot of blogs on Blogger and it's an IE issue. I'm working on it now. In the meantime, I STRONGLY suggest that you install FireFox and quit using IE. It's much more stable and it doesn't suck!

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