Kiss my...

I grew this in my garden. Nuff said...


Misc. Stuff...

Wow! Has it been that long? I didn't realize I haven't posted in a while!

Things have been pretty busy. Super O! had her immunization boosters for school and they were HORRIBLE!! She didn't like it one bit and I felt so badly for my poor baby. Her left thigh swelled up and she had a HUGE red welt for a few days, then on Friday evening she had a 102 fever. She's fine now, no more injection site swelling and no fever. Thank God that's over with!

The Athens Fair was this weekend. I kept forgetting to take my camera so I have no pictures. Bad mom! Super O! decided she's too big for the baby rides so she made me and Nini ride the "big kid" rides with her. The first stop was the Trabant. I found this random video on YouTube that shows the ride in action:

I felt very nauseous when we got off, but do you think the little creep had any sympathy for her poor old mom? NO!! She made me go on the ferris wheel, which shouldn't have been bad, but because of the Trabant I got even sicker! When she wanted to go on the Tilt-A-Whirl, I made her grandma go with her!

Day two of the fair brought more big kid rides, but I got smart. I made her grandma go on all of them with her. She rode the spinning Strawberries and the Octopus. I did go on the ferris wheel with her again, but I was okay that time.

The parade was yesterday and let me tell you...for a small town parade there was a lot of stuff in this one! It lasted for about 1 1/2 hours and I got sunburned! Super O! got just enough candy to last her a few weeks so she was a happy girl.

All in all, it was another fine fair season. We're already looking forward to next year!


Sad News...

Corey has had a dog for the last 15 years. Her name is Shaggy Dog. Sadly, she had to be put down because she's very old and we could tell she just wasn't the same dog as she was 6 months ago. Today was the day. She went peacefully on the farm, the only home she's ever known. She left us in the arms of her favorite person in the world, the only man she ever loved.

As corny as it sounds, I know she's in a better place. She can run and jump and bark again. I just hope everyone in that better place knows what a great dog she was.

Shaggy Dog, we love you very much and we'll miss you. Take care old girl...



Way back when I was pregnant with Super O! I decided to buy a digital camera. I got a really nice Olympus that cost about a billion dollars. To this day, I still haven't learned to use all of the advanced features of the camera. So, what did I do? I learned how to use Photoshop!

Super O! and I took the dogs out for a play last night and I shot a few pics so I could play with my new found knowledge. Tell me what you think!

So, should I quit before I embarrass myself? Think I have any creative talent whatsoever?


The Loves of My Life!

Because I can, I'd like to share a few pictures of the most important people in my life.

These two are completely in love with each other and sometimes they make me feel like I don't exist.

That's okay though, I'm so grateful that I found someone who loves my baby as much as I do!

p.s. Corey really does have eyes, they're just kinda closed when he smiles!



Super O! is starting Kindergarten in a few weeks. As I'm sure you can all imagine, she needs to get a few immunization boosters before school starts. She's not excited about this at all! How do I explain what's going to happen without scaring her to death? She knows that shots hurt and she doesn't want them, but what can I do? I'm going to see how much it costs for a tetanus booster and maybe I'll get one. It's been several years since I had one so I'm sure I'm due.

Poor peanut! Any ideas?


Field Trip to Green Bay

Before I get into the field trip, I'd just like to say that as much as I loved my old blog wrapper, it sucked! I couldn't get it to display correctly in IE and I couldn't get any answers from the site that created it. So, it's back to the boring old Blogger templates until I can find something better.

Yesterday was a wonderful day packed with new adventures and boy were we tired when we got home! We started at 9am with a 1hr 45min bus ride to Green Bay. It's been 22 years since I've been on a school bus so I was pretty excited. As a matter of fact, I think I was more excited about the whole day than Super O! was to begin with. We started our day with a tour of Lambeau Field, the home of the Green Bay Packers. Did you know that Lambeau Field is the "Crown Jewel of the NFL"? Yea, me either!

We got to experience a sky box that costs approximately $80,000 a year to lease and that's with a minimum of 4 years on the lease. That costs more than our whole house and believe me, it was a lot nicer. Here's a view from the box...

After the sky box we got to go into the bowels of the stadium where we entered the field through the players tunnel. Now that was incredible. The whole tunnel is lined with speakers and we could hear the "roar of the crowd". They even played the same music they play for the Pack on game day. We came out of the tunnel and there it was...in all it's glory...the field! Now, I'm not a football fan & I'm definitely not a Packer fan, but I have to admit that it was pretty darn awesome! We weren't allowed to go onto the grass, but we did get to go into the stands and take a bunch of pictures. Here's one from the end zone...

Super O! doesn't understand the history behind Lambeau Field, nor is she a sports fan yet but she was appropriately impressed. The best part of the tour for her was when we were in the stands (where I took the above picture) and the tour guide had us all yell "GO PACK GO" together. The echo came back to us and we could all imagine how it would sound on game day with 70,000 screaming fans in attendance.

After the stadium, we went to The New Zoo in Green Bay. I knew Super O! would enjoy this part of the day because she LOVES animals. We saw the giraffes...

And prairie dogs...

A huge tortoise...

A sleeping raccoon in a log...

Two penguins...

And a very gentle lion that the kids climbed on...

But the coolest thing we saw was a white alligator!

All in all it was a great day. When we got home we were both hot, sticky and exhausted. Super O! went to bed at 8:30 and as I was tucking her in I asked her what the best part of her day was. She said "The zoo" and asked what my best part was. I told her "The best part of my day was spending it with you!". She smiled all goofy and said "My best part was your shoe!". I said "My shoe?" and she replied "No...with you!" Then she gave me this look...

Which is very common!