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Wow! Has it been that long? I didn't realize I haven't posted in a while!

Things have been pretty busy. Super O! had her immunization boosters for school and they were HORRIBLE!! She didn't like it one bit and I felt so badly for my poor baby. Her left thigh swelled up and she had a HUGE red welt for a few days, then on Friday evening she had a 102 fever. She's fine now, no more injection site swelling and no fever. Thank God that's over with!

The Athens Fair was this weekend. I kept forgetting to take my camera so I have no pictures. Bad mom! Super O! decided she's too big for the baby rides so she made me and Nini ride the "big kid" rides with her. The first stop was the Trabant. I found this random video on YouTube that shows the ride in action:

I felt very nauseous when we got off, but do you think the little creep had any sympathy for her poor old mom? NO!! She made me go on the ferris wheel, which shouldn't have been bad, but because of the Trabant I got even sicker! When she wanted to go on the Tilt-A-Whirl, I made her grandma go with her!

Day two of the fair brought more big kid rides, but I got smart. I made her grandma go on all of them with her. She rode the spinning Strawberries and the Octopus. I did go on the ferris wheel with her again, but I was okay that time.

The parade was yesterday and let me tell you...for a small town parade there was a lot of stuff in this one! It lasted for about 1 1/2 hours and I got sunburned! Super O! got just enough candy to last her a few weeks so she was a happy girl.

All in all, it was another fine fair season. We're already looking forward to next year!


  1. But insane is a good thing right?

    Hallie :)

  2. not only did super O love the trabant, but she would have ridden it over & over again !!

    after the strawberries, i felt a little nauseous, but not too bad, so i rode the octopus, thinking it wouldn't be that bad - about 5 more seconds on that ride, & i would have embarrased all of us, by vomiting all over everything ! good thing it stopped when it did !! and super O ?? she would have ridden it again ! there's no stopping a super O !!

    super nini